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Jul 10, 2019 by Lisa Crispin and Steve Vance [Test Automation, Blog]

New technology, new tools... new automation strategies?

Automation is one component of improving team performance. Automating repetitive manual tasks gives team members time to solve other problems and come up with innovations that help the business. Automated...

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Jul 3, 2019 by Lisa Crispin [DevTestOps, Webinars/Meetups]

Join the discussion at our DevTestOps Landscape Panel

A candid discussion around how testing processes are breaking in tech transformations.

In 2018, mabl conducted a survey to learn how the role of testers/QA professionals is changing as more software delivery...

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Jul 1, 2019 by Izzy Azeri [Blog, Product]

Enterprises can easily test web interfaces, APIs, emails, and PDFs using a single service


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Jun 25, 2019 by Geoff Cooney [Blog, end to end testing]

Much like a good designer, a good tester spends a lot of time anticipating how users might interact with an application and validating all those paths work. According to Angie Jones, “Testers discover the unknown, and this skill is still very much so needed,...

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Jun 12, 2019 by John Vanderzyden (Guest Author) [Blog, software testing]

Need a quick and dirty explanation of what shift left testing is so you can keep up with the cool kids? This is the post for you. 

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Jun 5, 2019 by Jason Simon (Guest Author) [Test Automation, Blog]

Next Generation Codeless Automated Testing Tools - Alternatives to Selenium

Testing has long been one of the most thankless tasks in the world of development. Doing it manually can result in hours of repeating the same tasks over and over again trying to find the...

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May 29, 2019 by Lisa Crispin [reports, DevTestOps]

Key findings from the 2019 DevTestOps Landscape Report

The first DevTestOps Landscape Survey is based on responses from a relatively small number within the software community. Respondents were likely to be people who are active in the software testing community,...

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May 22, 2019 by Lisa Crispin [Blog, DevTestOps]

Ch-ch-ch-changes: Experiences of testers who have shifted left & right

In previous posts I’ve shared my own experiences with “shifting left and right”, also known as continuous testing, and how testing-related activities change when you make this shift. I’d like...

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May 15, 2019 by Lisa Crispin [webinar, DevTestOps]

Panel Discussion: How to shift to continuous testing in DevOps

Even back when waterfall type processes were popular, there were plenty of testers who got involved in every “phase” from feature idea to release, and even into operations and production monitoring...

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May 8, 2019 by Chou Yang [reports, DevTestOps]

Which DevOps practices are worth adopting?

We recently ran a survey against the software testing community to understand the adoption of modern development practices and its impact on testing.

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