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Reporting test results is an essential part of elevating testing and fostering a culture of quality. Quality engineering teams need solutions that help them integrate testing workflows into their organization’s overall reporting flows to help developers, product owners, and engineering leaders understand product quality. As part of our mission to empower software testers and software companies to build better software, mabl recently introduced our reporting API.

Creating Connected Workflows for Quality Engineering

The reporting API allows mabl customers to programmatically export individual and batch test results to any external tool, enabling quality teams to easily integrate testing into their organization’s reporting workflows. Considering that 26% of knowledge workers say that app overload slows them down at work, the reporting API ensures that quality engineers can amplify their impact in the most effective way possible. 

Sharing Test Results with mabl’s Reporting API 

The reporting API expands mabl’s existing options for exporting and sharing test data, which include BigQuery export, the CLI, and Deployment Events API. Unlike our more specialized options for exporting information, the reporting API allows mabl users to export individual or batch test results to any external tool, thereby empowering quality teams to further integrate quality into existing processes. 

Individual test exports allow software testers to get test results by searching a Test Run ID, Plan Run ID, or Deployment Event ID. They can then share test artifacts like screenshots, DOM snapshots, logs, and more with the rest of their team. This makes it easier to find and share critical data when investigating possible defects, a process cited as a major headache by 44% of developers. 

The reporting API also allows quality engineers to export batch results and summary statistics by supplying parameters such as time range, labels, app ID/environment ID, or test ID/plan ID. Summary statistics for API calls to this endpoint include the number of tests and number of passed/failed runs that meet the filtering criteria. Quality teams can also export performance and accessibility data that’s available across endpoints. 

All of this information helps quality engineers communicate with developers, product teams, engineering managers, and company leadership about how testing is impacting software development, product quality, and the customer experience. Building this awareness enables development organizations to embrace quality engineering practices that make them more efficient and effective as they innovate.  

Building a Culture of Quality with Test Results

Software testing has been repeatedly shown as one of the most high-impact opportunities to mature DevOps practices and improve the customer experience. A critical part of fulfilling this potential is improving how test data is shared and used across the enterprise to help everyone - not solely quality teams - engage in quality engineering. 

The reporting API is now in general access for all mabl customers and those enrolled in our 14-day free trial. Start elevating your software testing practice with quick low-code test creation, autohealing, and easy reporting.