My first “mabl-versary” is already on the horizon as we get closer to 2024. It’s hard to believe how far we’ve come as a team, company, and quality community in just 10 months: dozens of new mablers, 800 product releases, amazing new customers in the Fortune 500 as well as fast-growing early- and mid-stage companies, plus over 1300 attendees at mabl Experience 2023! Given that we’re celebrating Thanksgiving in the United States this week, now seems like the perfect opportunity to share a moment of gratitude to everyone who has contributed to such an incredible year. 

Building A Supportive, Authentic Culture at mabl and Beyond

First, mablers are a truly special group of people. They embrace our core values - drive, insight, support, and authenticity - and welcome newcomers with genuine friendliness. When I began looking for my next calling last year, people and culture were my top priority. Since joining in February, I can confidently say that this team cares about each other, cares about our Friends of mabl community, and cares about doing the right thing. It’s a unique culture and I am thankful to be part of it.

I joined mabl in February of this year. Many mablers on my team also joined in 2023, with a few more ready to start in the coming weeks. Changing companies is a big risk, one that I take very seriously. I’m grateful for everyone on the Sales, Pre-Sales, Technical Account Management, Sales Development, Operations, and Customer Success teams who took that leap and entrusted me with your success. 

To my teammates with months, even years, of tenure here at mabl: thank you for welcoming me, showing me the ropes, answering my (many) questions, and being open to my ideas. Mabl is fortunate to have so many dedicated, thoughtful professionals who have committed years of their career to this company, and I couldn’t be happier to continue growing with you.

I’m also grateful to be serving the quality community, which has an incredible impact on  their companies and the consumers who rely on their products. We’re extremely fortunate to be in such a great field and work with so many impressive software testing teams focused on delivering even more value with AI and test automation. In the hands of strategic, skilled professionals, process automation provides game-changing resources to time-crunched teams focused on building their next big innovation. 

Thanks to the Customers and Friends of mabl for Trusting Us 

I’m thankful for the Friends of mabl who have entrusted us and bet on us. Partnering with a vendor, particularly a fast-growing startup like mabl, is a gamble. It takes trust, ongoing communication, and collaboration, and I’m grateful for the amazing companies that have taken this journey with us. They entrust mabl with their customer experiences each and every day, which is no small ask when customers include multi billion dollar brands. To our Friends of mabl: thank you for trusting us, for growing with us, and improving quality with us. Your partnership is why we remain committed to our mission of building the easiest low-code test automation solution. 

A Moment of Personal Gratitude 

I’ve been fortunate to have worked with some exceptional leaders and friends throughout my career.  Great leaders - both superiors and subordinates - who are genuine, empathetic, and supportive are all too rare, yet I have found myself with an abundance of friends and mentors. All I can do is express my gratitude and do my best to pay it forward. Creating the next generation of leaders focused on customer impact, compelled energy, and helping their customers reach their goals is a special opportunity.  I’m lucky to have the chance, and I take it seriously. 

On the family side - I’m thankful that I have a great support system and relationship with my kids, wife, and family. Balance and being present - both at home and at work - isn’t always easy.  Like all people, I do my best, but sometimes I need help to restore balance. My family is always there to straighten me out, for which I’m grateful. Being part of a team that appreciates balance and fosters a healthy culture truly sets mabl apart.

 Building the Future of Software Testing, Together 

Finally, I’m grateful to be part of mabl’s culture of innovation. Sure, the technology (have you seen mabl’s newest AI-powered auto-healing features?) is cool, but real innovation happens when smart people have the freedom, data, and energy to invent - especially when you add enthusiastic customers and a healthy dose of humility to the mix. Building a company and a community that gives people the space to be authentic, do incredible things, and share their ideas fearlessly is the true heart of innovation. To be in a place where that innovation is an intrinsic part of the company DNA is incredibly exciting, and why I’m so grateful to be part of mabl. Thank you to everyone building the future of software testing with us. Happy Thanksgiving!