2018 for a tech startup has meant a year of many ‘firsts’. First launch of our paid test automation service, first awards for our product, first customer-facing team hires, first time having large enterprises rely on us, and many more. These firsts have truly been a great experience for us, and they would never be possible without the many people we’re grateful for:

  • We’re grateful to the testing community for considering the impact an intelligent test automation service could have on the future of testing

  • We’re grateful to our customers for trusting us to address their testing challenges and driving our product roadmap with their constant feedback

  • We’re grateful to our investors including CRV, Amplify Partners, and our newest investor GV for believing in our vision and the opportunity to build the next great testing company

  • Most of all, we’re grateful to our team: our product team with their feature velocity, our customer success team with their responsiveness, our marketing team with their content, and our sales team with their never-ending drive. Our achievements in 2018 would have never been possible without their Positivity, Drive, and Insight.  

As we enter 2019, there are a lot more ‘firsts’ we dream to achieve and we welcome those who want to join us on this exciting journey! Learn a little more about our team and culture: