It’s hard to believe that we’re halfway through December, but 2022 is looming large on the horizon. Whether you’re racing to complete final projects or preparing for well-deserved time off, odds are that you and your team are setting goals for the coming year. It’s the time to think critically and ambitiously about what quality means for your organization, and how QA (quality assurance) can lead the charge on DevOps adoption, faster release cycles, and a better customer experience. 

If that sounds overwhelming, don’t worry. We have everything you need to plan, implement, and measure your journey to Quality Engineering. No matter what goals are guiding your QA team in 2022, mabl has the support you need to deliver quality results that impact your entire company. 

2022: The Year of Quality Engineering

It’s clear that 2020 and 2021 have pushed software quality into the spotlight. A growing number of innovation leaders, whether they’re global enterprises or fast-growing startups, have recognized the importance of empowering their QA teams and improving their software testing strategies. With this new focus, QA teams are well positioned to rethink their role in software development, take the lead on key transformation initiatives, and expand their testing strategies by adopting quality engineering. Dive into mabl’s best content from 2021 to jumpstart your year of quality.

Lead DevOps Adoption with Test Automation

Did you know that continuous testing and high test coverage are closely connected to DevOps maturity? Explore how quality engineering is making the road to DevOps easier with research reports, trends, and best practices. 

Enhance Collaboration and Shift Testing to the Left

43% of developers say that testing is their biggest pain point, but research shows that using manual and automated testing to test early and often in the development cycle is the most effective way to reduce the time and cost of bugs. Discover the best ways to improve collaboration between QA and developers with insights from industry experts. 

Optimize and Expand Your Software Testing Strategy

Software testing is the cornerstone of quality engineering, enabling DevOps, UX improvements, and less stressful deployments when used to its full potential. Find inspiration, techniques, and strategies for supercharging your software testing strategy in 2022. 

Grow Your Software Testing Skills and Your QE Career

The emergence of widespread remote and hybrid work has made many people rethink their personal and professional goals. Whether you’re looking to break into the quality engineering field, find your next role, or join the leadership ranks, mabl has the resources you need to reach the next level in the QE profession. 

Maintain Momentum with the QE Community 

No matter what your quality engineering goals are in 2022, it’s easier to stay motivated with a community of your peers. Stay tuned for updates from the mabl team on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to hear about upcoming events, meetups, and learning opportunities. 

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