Seven years ago, mabl launched with a mission to transform software testing with cloud computing, AI, and low-code. Starting with functional testing for web applications, we built a strong foundation that empowered any organization to improve product quality and their customer experience. As we learned from our growing customer community, who now number in the hundreds, we continued to invest in innovations that allow QA teams to thrive in the era of DevOps and AI. Today, I’m excited to share that the next stage of our mission has arrived with performance testing. Built on the same pillars of low-code, AI, and cloud, mabl’s API and browser load testing capabilities are now generally available for all customers and free trial users

These capabilities are included in our new pricing and packaging, which empowers your team to evolve your software testing strategy across functional and non-functional quality without worrying about restrictive or punitive cost structures. 

Performance testing in mabl streamlines a typically slow, scripted, and high-maintenance process into an integrated part of your development pipelines without the need for highly specialized skills or knowledge. Your team can continue to accelerate deployment frequency while testing for performance regressions on every new release. 

Build Better User Experiences With Performance Testing 

As you might expect, API and browser load testing in mabl is quite different compared to legacy tools. Integrated into our unified platform for modern software quality, performance testing in mabl delivers more value than scripted performance testing tools by harnessing the pillars of low-code, AI, and cloud to deliver quality with unprecedented ease and scale. 

What does performance testing in a unified platform mean for you?

  • Easy test creation: Create API or browser tests using mabl’s low-code user interface, then quickly repurpose those same tests for performance, no specialized knowledge or coding required. Your team can easily scale test coverage across functional and non-functional quality attributes. 
  • Actionable insights: Fix issues quickly with in-depth results that capture issues ranging from specific API response times to Core Web Vitals, a set of metrics defined by Google that measure the real-world user experience. These insights allow you to understand performance from a holistic perspective and detect degradations before they impact your users. 
  • AI-powered auto-healing: As your product evolves, mabl’s auto-healing capabilities automatically update selectors for UI tests. This drastically reduces test maintenance and gives you more time to focus on higher value work. 
  • Cloud-based testing for CI/CD: Tests can be run in sequence, in parallel, or as a scheduled part of CI/CD pipelines for continuous performance testing. Cloud-based test runs also return in-depth results that can be shared automatically via mabl’s integrations with Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Jira for faster defect discovery and resolution. 

These features mean that your team can improve search rankings to reach more consumers and deliver better user experiences that reduce customer churn while also improving software team productivity. No more software testing silos, no more test maintenance delays, and better app performance.   

Modernizing Software Quality in a Unified Test Automation Platform

These benefits - faster test creation, reduced test maintenance, and actionable insights - extend across every mabl feature. Rather than worrying about managing fragmented testing frameworks that only show you a piece of the quality puzzle, mabl gives you a unified platform, born and raised in the cloud, that makes it easy to improve test coverage and see quality from the user perspective. 

Mabl is your foundation for modern software quality, integrating continuous testing into your development pipelines to identify defects earlier, and covering the full customer journey across devices, email, and browsers. Mabl allows your team to adapt to changing consumer preferences by embracing performance or accessibility testing, shift testing to the left by collaborating with developers, or strengthen your cross browser testing by validating the user experience on Firefox, Chrome, Safari (WebKit), and Microsoft Edge. Or all of the above! Mabl’s unified platform gives you the foundation for meeting your development needs and customer needs in a single, user-friendly framework. 

Mabl is  also making it easier for you to harness these benefits with a packaging and pricing model designed for flexibility and efficiency. You can now pay once for mabl and share it across all capabilities including UI, API, accessibility, and performance testing. Your team and your company can scale and adapt your software testing strategy without being locked into specific testing types. 

And of course, mabl partners with your team to ensure success at every stage of your quality journey. Every customer has access to a designated Customer Success Manager (CSM) for tailored onboarding and ongoing expertise, in addition to unlimited access to mabl University, and mabl’s premium live support in Japanese and English. Your team can also benefit from a dedicated Technical Account Manager (TAM) for an additional cost.  Finally, you’ll join our thriving community of quality champions through our Friends of mabl Slack group and our annual mabl Experience conference. From day one of our partnership to the future of testing, you have a supportive community, deep expertise and guidance from our team, and the resources to build your QA skills with mabl. 

Empowering Your Team For the New Era of Software Development 

This milestone is a collective success for everyone in the quality community, especially our customers. From innovative startups like TrustCloud and Chorus Innovations to global leaders like Intuit, SmugMug, and Barracuda, your feedback has enabled us to build a platform that empowers you to achieve your quality goals and your business goals. The mabl unified platform is our shared foundation for driving success and building with quality through DevOps, digital transformation, and the era of AI. 


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