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Today is National Get To Know Your Customers Day, a day of recognition that reminds businesses to build relationships with their customer communities. At mabl, our user community - fondly referred to as Friends of mabl - is in regular communication with the entire team, and plays an integral role in our product roadmap. Their experience, feedback, and expertise is one of our most valuable resources. 

To celebrate their achievements, we’re highlighting a few success stories that we’ve collected over the last year. 


DataRobot is an enterprise AI platform that gives organizations the ability to prepare, build, deploy, and maintain AI-driven applications at scale. Over 2.18 billion data models have been built on their automated data science platform and their engineering teams have logged over 1.4 million hours building the product used by customers across the Fortune 50. 

Managing a quality user experience across a rapidly growing platform with advanced functionalities is no small task. To stay ahead, the DataRobot QA team operates on a model of “quality assistance,” which shifts the focus from pure software testing to a broader culture of quality throughout the engineering process. Testing is available to developers earlier in the development process, with tools that allow engineers to test their branches in different ways. QA is then able to focus their efforts on helping engineers test their work, write test plans, perform exploratory testing, and analyze results from both automated and manual tests.

Overall, features like reusable flows, JavaScript snippets, and autohealing give the DataRobot QA team more time to think about how to test better and why issues are happening. As Director of Engineering Meghan Elledge explained it: “You want your QA people thinking about why weird things are happening, not pointing and clicking at stuff. You want results and to be able to analyze those results rather than revising steps.” 

LOB Inc., a Rakuten Group company

Rakuten is one of the largest e-commerce sites in the world that serves as an e-commerce platform, a credit card company, a fintech bank, 5G MNO, and more to millions of users in Japan and around the world. LOB Inc. is a subsidiary that develops and supplies advertising platforms that was focused on building an advertisement distribution platform for the entire Rakuten Group. 

As their team moved through the development process, their QA team realized that legacy, code-heavy test automation tools were unable to keep up with their rapidly evolving web application. Their early-stage product was simply changing too much to justify building fragile test automation frameworks that couldn’t adapt to basic visual edits.  As a result, test scripts were routinely breaking and creating serious bottlenecks in the development process. 

With mabl, the LOB Inc. QA team was able to fully automate regression testing and reduce time and costs by 60 percent. In addition, automated regression testing coverage was improved from zero percent to eighty percent. The user friendly low-code UI enabled the team to implement automated testing and quickly scale from a proof-of-concept to production. 

Arch Insurance Group 

Arch Insurance is a specialty insurer that serves corporations, law firms, and finance companies in North America, Europe, and Australia. With several subsidiary companies and branch offices, plus over 1500 employees, the company maintains a commitment to providing careful and diligent underwriting services to its diverse portfolio of customers.

An essential part of the Arch Insurance customer experience is a SaaS system that lets their business users rate, quote, and maintain their clients’ insurance policies. The system is heavily customized for Arch Insurance, and the company receives new releases every two weeks. This application underpins many customer-facing services, and each change can affect existing functionality.  But with a legacy test automation tool, the internal Arch Insurance quality team was often overwhelmed with test maintenance to stay ahead of the biweekly release schedule. 

By standardizing on mabl for functional testing to test their SaaS underwriting application, the team at Arch Insurance was able to begin automated testing at a rate 3x as fast as their previous test automation tool. Mabl wasn’t just faster to use—it was also easier. Now, the Arch Insurance team is not only keeping pace with the release schedule - they’re getting ahead and catching defects that slipped past the vendor’s quality processes. 

Advancing quality, together

The Friends of mabl are a global community advocating for quality in every industry, from e-commerce trendsetters like Ritual to education leaders like FineTune and retail technology innovators like Sensormatic. We’re grateful for their feedback and expertise, which always encourages our team to grow and improve the mabl platform. Together, we’re building the future of software, where quality engineering keeps the user front and center throughout product development.

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