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[WEBINAR] Ensuring your website doesn't crash during the holiday rush

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byLisa Crispin

Upcoming webinar:
Ensuring your website doesn't crash
during the holiday rush
Thursday, November 14th at 12:30PM EST. 

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In the U.S., we are starting to get close to “Black Friday”, the day after our Thanksgiving holiday when retailers run huge sales and people flock to both brick-and-mortar and online stores. This is followed by Cyber Monday when everyone gets back to work and hits the online e-commerce sites even more. 

Black friday injuries

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In line with these events, many industries run on some kind of annual cycle. Some industries have a big annual convention where every vendor showcases their new products. Financial services applications revolve around annual regulatory changes and various fiscal year practices. Quarterly sales goals are pervasive in many business domains.

How do software teams prepare for a big seasonal onslaught of traffic to their web application or other critical deadlines -- especially those practicing continuous delivery, which is defined by making frequent deployments “predictable, routine affairs that can be performed on demand”? In this panel discussion, we’ll hear how software teams, especially the testing specialists on those teams, make sure they build quality in to face calendar-related challenges. 

Join seasoned practitioners Marit van Dijk, Raluca Morariu, Lisa Crispin, and Maaret Pyhäjärvi to hear success stories, and possibly horror stories, about testing in a seasonal business domain on Thursday, November 14th at 12:30PM EST. 


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