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Mabl’s most recent Testing in DevOps Report revealed that just 11% of software development teams have successfully adopted DevOps. For those still in transition, most cited the slow process of change as their biggest issue. Interestingly, less than 1 in 5 software development professionals reported technological limitations as a significant issue. Teams working towards DevOps have the technology to reach automated, collaborative development, but that technology isn’t supporting the people who need to rely on it everyday. 

The challenge is even more acute for many software development teams as they shift to quality engineering, which involves adopting continuous testing and requires frequent cross-functional collaboration, as well as balancing manual and automated testing. When implemented effectively, however, quality engineering enables QA teams to lead broader quality initiatives that both streamline development and improve the customer experience. 

Mabl is designed to help software development teams embrace quality engineering. Our low-code test automation solution has technical capabilities like API testing and cross-browser testing to help you develop a high-impact automated testing strategy, as well as the integrations to build maintainable processes. And we’re always expanding our platform to ensure that your software testing practice can grow and evolve with your product. Check out what’s coming to mabl in 2022. 

A Unified Test Automation Platform

At mabl, we've always made it as simple as possible to achieve and maintain effective end-to-end test coverage. We entered 2022 with new and exciting next steps in our mission: expanding our test automation solution to make automated software testing possible for everyone. Therefore, on January 5th, 2022, we officially retired the Chrome extension Trainer, making the native desktop app our default platform for unified test automation 

The mabl desktop app combines a low-code UI with intelligence for powerful, adaptable software testing that can be used by anyone, regardless of coding experience. Unlike the Chrome extension, you can now author, edit and run tests in a singular, seamless experience without switching between a web application, command line interface, and extension. You can create tests, view insights, and validate customer experiences all from within the app for scalable quality engineering. But there’s more. Running API tests, cross browser tests, and mobile web tests within a single platform, the desktop app makes your automated testing strategy more efficient while expanding testing to better reflect customer experiences

NEW: Democratizing Software Testing, Transforming Software Development

According to the  US Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for software developers, quality assurance analysts, and software testers is expected to grow by a staggering 22% from 2020 to 2030, much faster than the average for all occupations. In such a densely competitive market, finding talent with seasoned high-code technical skills is a serious challenge for every software company. Low-code solutions, however, are bridging the gap to transform the way software is built, tested, and shipped. By prioritizing low-code and AI, we’ve helped our customers democratize testing, creating opportunities across the SDLC to participate and own quality strategies. 

This year, mabl released a much-requested, versatile feature: Parameterized JavaScript snippets, handy code snippets that can be used by any stakeholder in your team regardless of their technical background. By separating intent from implementation, everyone on your team can use these JavaScript snippets to perform specific actions like generating a variable, performing advanced actions on a page, calling back, and more, resulting in a  strong culture of quality. When everyone can contribute to software testing, it’s easier to build and maintain a quality engineering practice. 

NEW: Secure Software Testing

As a partner in your quality engineering journey, mabl works hard to ensure that we're adhering to the strictest security standards, reducing risk, and protecting your data. In 2021, we achieved SOC 2 compliance to ensure your tests are secure. This means on a regular basis, we audit and track how we manage data security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy. We're committed to following best data practices and data management in order to protect your data.

NEW and NEXT: Expanding Test Coverage with Data-driven Testing

Quality teams often have limited access to good data, ranging from incorrect data to sifting through large volumes of data under tight deadlines, or even no access at all. Traditional high-code tools have added to this challenge by making test data primarily accessible to those with coding expertise, making it difficult for QA to analyze and implement crucial test execution data. To address these issues, mabl recently launched Release Coverage, a robust dashboard that provides a quick overview of key quality metrics needed for a successful release. 

The dashboard helps your team understand the state of current test coverage and assess any potential gaps. With Release Coverage, you can now monitor issues in real-time by indicating the total number of tests run, the passing rate, and even the performance of your app and your tests’ flakiness. Finally, to focus on parts of your app that need improvement, you can sort test results by environment or by test label. 

NEXT: Faster, Even More Reliable End-to-End Tests

The siloed software testing approach can no longer keep up with agile software development. Teams are under pressure to release software faster and more frequently, drastically shortening the time allotted for testing. To accelerate testing, we introduced the Unified Test Runner for Chrome in beta during 2021, with plans for widespread deployment in 2022. 

Running significantly faster than our legacy runner, the Unified Runner delivers accelerated, reliable test execution by unifying our test execution logic. Software teams can now enjoy shortened feedback cycles, executing intelligent end-to-end tests throughout their development pipeline faster than ever before. This version of the Unified Runner also includes critical enhancements that will pave the way for future browser expansion.

Building Test Automation for Quality Engineering

A growing number of software organizations are recognizing the importance of quality engineering in accelerating development and improving the customer experience. No matter how your team manages software testing - manual testing, automated testing, or a hybrid approach - mabl is introducing the capabilities you need to meet the demands of modern software development. Stayed tuned to our website, LinkedIn, and Twitter to learn the latest in low-code test automation and quality engineering. 

This preview was presented by mabl Product Managers Juliette MacPhail and Thomas Lavin at mabl Experience. Watch the full video to explore the future of low-code test automation!