As 2020 comes to a close, everyone is taking a moment to take care of themselves and their loved ones. Whether this means extra Zoom calls, safely gathering with a few close friends and family, or simply a day to yourself, the holiday season is the much-needed time to recover from what has been a long and stressful time. 

At mabl, 2020 has certainly looked different than expected. Our close-knit team has been working remote since March, with new additions (myself included) that have never set foot in our Boston headquarters. Our People Operations Lead, Pooja Samuel, has been endlessly creative in organizing events that help the mabl team stay connected and re-create the energy of the office, including virtual lunch hangouts, game nights, and trivia. But for our last team event, she arranged something special. To celebrate the season, we took a recent afternoon to have fun and celebrate the holiday spirit with everyone’s favorite treat. 

Armed with a dozen cookies and a brightly colored array of sprinkles and frosting, mablers and their families created holiday treats as unique as they are. Though few of us would claim to be pastry chefs, we had some truly festive results!

A collage of all sorts of decorated Christmas sugar cookies.