Software testing forms a crucial bond between code and customer, connecting how software is built to how it’s used in the real world. To foster this connection, quality professionals need a wide range of skills and knowledge that spans development methodologies, manual and automated testing techniques, as well as user experience fundamentals. Maintaining, never mind growing, that range of skills is an ongoing challenge for the quality community, which is why mabl launched mabl University in 2021. Built to be your hub for learning the latest and greatest in test automation, mabl U features on-demand training, video tutorials, live workshops led by mabl experts, and certifications that enable you to showcase your new skills to employers.

Today, I’m thrilled to share that mabl University learners have a new certification to master with the Non-Functional Skills Certification

Build Your Skills for the Unified Future of Software Testing 

Software testing teams are increasingly turning to unified tools that help them include non-functional quality aspects in their test coverage, deliver better customer experiences, and enable DevOps success. When automated testing can cover functional and non-functional aspects of quality, you and your team can be confident in your ability to deliver new innovations to market. With mabl University’s Non-Functional Skills Certification, software testers can learn the testing techniques that will help you improve test coverage and grow your impact on the customer experience. 

Test Automation Resources for Everyone in the Quality Community

Mabl University offers learning resources to everyone in the software testing community, including mabl users, those enrolled in a free trial, and those simply interested in expanding their skills. Like our Foundations and Advanced Certifications, the mabl University Non-Functional Skills Certification allows you to showcase their automated testing knowledge. Even if your team hasn’t started using API testing, API load testing, or accessibility in mabl, you can earn your Non-Functional Skills Certificate. This program offers self-paced recommended learning paths and skills assessments that cover automated API testing, API load testing, and accessibility testing. You’ll learn the fundamentals of each test type through low-code test automation, the value added by each automated testing tactic, and how you can showcase your impact with in-depth reports. 

This certification enables you to expand your impact on the customer experience through low-code test automation. Though performance and accessibility play a significant role in how your users interact with your application or website, they’re often disconnected from delivery cycles. This new Certification gives you the foundational skills and knowledge to start breaking down that silo, so your team can build new products with confidence. 

Growing Our Test Automation Skills, Together 

The new Non-functional Skills Certification is now available for everyone in mabl University. Join the quality community in breaking down software testing silos and delivering better user experiences with low-code test automation. And of course, don’t forget to share your new certification on LinkedIn for a special shoutout from mabl! 

Happy learning!