For many people around the world, August signals the end of summer and the start of the back to school season. As adults, learning is far less seasonal, but no less critical as transformative technologies like AI and automation reshape how we build, test, and ship software. That’s why mabl created mabl University in 2021 as part of our ongoing effort to support software testers, developers, and anyone invested in software quality to grow your test automation skills, even if you don’t use mabl at work (yet). 

Building a Global Learning Community for Test Automation and Quality Engineering

Hundreds of quality professionals and developers from around the world have trusted mabl U to help them learn everything from the fundamentals of automated testing to API testing to non-functional testing. I’m grateful to everyone who participates in mabl University; your passion, drive, and curiosity are at the heart of our mission to partner with the quality community as you transform your software testing strategies and grow your careers. 

The Most Popular Topics at Mabl U: Test Automation Essentials, Shift-Left, and API Testing

Whether you already have a mabl University Certification or are just starting your learning journey with us, now is the perfect time to explore automated testing skills that can help you expand your impact across your team. Looking at the most popular mabl University topics offer inspiration for anyone interested in growing their quality engineering skills. Note that many of these modules and courses can be taken in the order of your choosing, depending on your particular interests and goals. 

Test automation essentials: Popular modules like “Understanding Automated Testing” and “Getting Started with mabl” offer self-paced resources that help you discover how to start incorporating automated testing into development pipelines. In less than an hour, you’ll build a solid understanding of test automation strategy and how to start creating fast, resilient automated tests with mabl’s low-code test automation platform. 

Shift-left and collaborative testing: If you’re on a mission to break software testing silos, mabl University modules “Mabl for Testers” and “Working as a Team in mabl” will help you build collaborative workflows that make it easier for manual testers, developers, and other team members to contribute to your quality strategy. Learn how to set your mabl workspace up for success, streamline test creation and failure review, and identify the metrics that matter for your organization. 

API Testing and Beyond: APIs are fundamental to digital transformation and delivering great user experiences to your customers. Invest in your API testing skills with mabl University’s self-paced course on automating API tests, where you’ll learn how to add API steps to your UI browser tests, create standalone API tests, build parallel and sequential plans with UI and API tests, and analyze API performance. If you’re ready to take your API expertise to the next level, mabl University offers a Certification in non-functional testing that covers how to harness your automated API tests in mabl for API load testing. 

In addition to our plethora of self-paced learning resources, mabl University offers live workshops for hands-on training with mabl experts. Join us on the second Thursday of every month for mabl 101 and every third Thursday for mabl 201 to further expand your test automation expertise! 

Growing Our Quality Engineering Skills as a Global Community 

No matter where you are in your test automation journey, mabl University is here to help you learn new skills and grow your career. I hope these popular mabl U lessons inspire you to join our learning community for back to school season, no school supplies needed. Ask questions, join us for a mabl 101 or 201 session, and share your accomplishments on LinkedIn so mabl can celebrate with you!

If you’re ready to supercharge your test automation journey, register for mabl Experience 2023! You’ll join a community of 1200+ quality leaders from around the world for two days of sessions led by industry experts for in-depth discussions on the growing reach of testing in digital transformation, DevOps adoption, and the AI revolution. Register for free.