Today is International Testers’ Day, a day that commemorates the first documented software bug and celebrates the critical role of testers in software development. Image: log book entry showing first documented software bug - a moth caught in the Mark 2 computer.

The log book entry documenting the first software bug

From the moment Dr. Grace Hopper’s team at Harvard discovered a moth stuck in the electronics of their Mark II computer, they started the multibillion dollar quest to ‘debug’ software. At mabl, we’re driven to support software testing professionals’ fundamental role in building delightful applications and websites. When testing is elevated within the development organization, quality engineers are better prepared to hold us all accountable for quality, thereby improving development practices and the customer experience. 

Celebrating the Transformative Power of Testing

Testing is the thread that connects code to the customer, ensuring that development pipelines move as efficiently as possible while promoting user empathy. When software testers are empowered by quality engineering, they’re prepared to support DevOps and digital transformation. 

Mabl has been shaped by our relationship with the software testing community. Our entire team works closely with quality professionals each and every day to understand their obstacles, opportunities, and goals so we can support them to the best of our abilities. This support ethos is fundamental to who we are as an organization. Every day, we’re working to elevate software testers and their crucial work. 

Software Testers Impact the World Through Digital Transformation

Industry leaders around the world depend on their software testing and quality engineering teams to delight users and protect their businesses. It’s an honor to help innovators in financial services, travel, enterprise software, ecommerce, and more transform how they deliver products and services to their millions of users worldwide. 

The crucial role of software testers lies in their ability to turn empathy into action. Without their focus on the end user, development organizations risk losing focus on what matters most: the customer. Moving away from the business benefits of providing delightful, inclusive digital experiences, doing so is simply the right thing to do. Any transformation - DevOps, agile, cloud - loses value unless it makes technology better for everyone. With their unique combination of empathy, product expertise, and quality engineering skills, software testers are the heart and soul of ensuring better software development practices include a variety of perspectives. They hold all of us in software development accountable, and we are incredibly grateful for their leadership. 

Elevating the Software Testing and Quality Engineering Community

As we recognize the importance of software testing today, take a moment to celebrate the power of the quality community. Software development is ultimately a team sport, and few professions have the same supportive ethos that unites testers. Whether it’s a coworker, friend from the Ministry of Testing, or a quality blogger who shares valuable insights, celebrate the knowledge and skills of this community. 

Mabl is proud to host the software testing and quality engineering community for our third annual mabl Experience this November. Join us virtually or in Boston to elevate the impact of software testing over two days of panels, discussions, and fun. Claim your free ticket.