In case you haven’t heard, mabl recently made some major changes. This not only benefits our rapidly growing Friends of mabl community, but also the experience and opportunities available to those taking advantage of our free two-week trial.

With the mabl trial, you can explore with the full potential of low-code test automation, including mabl’s API testing and mobile web testing features. Plus, you have access to our award-winning customer support and engineering teams to help answer your questions during the trial, giving you a preview into the full Friends of mabl experience. 

Addressing Common Quality and Test Automation Challenges

The primary task for mabl - and for any enterprise software company - is to simplify the top headaches of their end users. The tasks that regularly cause issues, delays, and ultimately reduce the performance of your team. For mabl, that means solving an essential problem: enabling software testing and QA team to support DevOps and improve the customer experience. 

The push to deploy code more frequently resulted in better tools for developers, but often left quality assurance behind. Though test automation tools have been available for years, even decades, they’re usually static and unable to adapt to the new world of high-velocity software development. Mabl is here to help quality leaders transform their workflow from the constant cycle of test maintenance and embrace quality engineering.

As you navigate your mabl trial, our team recommends trying these best practices and features to understand how low-code test automation can help improve quality engineering for your team. 

Managing test volume and test automation maintenance

Whether your team already uses test automation or has a fully manual software testing strategy, a major challenge is likely the sheer number of tests required. As software becomes more complex and new code is pushed more frequently, testers are overwhelmed. 

Fortunately, there are a few ways mabl can accelerate testing. First, the app creates a training environment that treats each test like a brand new browser, meaning you no longer need to worry about clearing cookies left over from a previous session. This reduces the times needed to set up a test, and saves time wasted by tests impacted by outdated browser environments. 

Second is an emphasis on reusable test components. Mabl features reusable flows, which bundle commonly used sequences into flows that can be inserted into any test. Tests can include any number of unique and reusable flows or use a flow multiple times within a single test. To avoid tests breaking as flows are updated, mabl automatically pushes changes to all tests containing the base flow. Reusable flows reduce the time needed to create tests for frequently tested features, such as high-traffic web pages. And even when the base flow changes, any tests that include the flow will automatically update, drastically reducing the amount of time needed to maintain testing frameworks. 

As you bring more team members into testing, either as new quality engineering team members, developers, or product owners, reusable components have proven to be a valuable learning tool to ensure everyone is up to speed on your software testing strategy, and has access to the information needed to create automated tests without coding or testing experience

Unified data-driven testing

As a greater number of automated tests are completed in your mabl trial, the next phase involves navigating mabl’s features that inform a data-driven software testing strategy. To get started, add data-driven variables to your tests by selecting the variable button, click Create, and select to set the value of the variable from a data source, which will be the associated DataTable.

DataTables define multiple datasets for data-driven testing. Each DataTable defines scenarios that each set variables to be fed into each test run. For example, variables could include account levels, such as a standard user, administrator, or external user. Each account type needs to be tested across multiple browsers, such as Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. By organizing a test for a user login flow for each account type across the three major browsers in a DataTable, you’re able to optimize your test automation efforts. The DataTable gives you the ability to control the data being used for testing while also being able to scale testing to meet the unique needs of your team. 

Most importantly for trial users, data-driven testing with DataTables enables a highly customizable experience with very little time and effort, giving you the ability to focus on how mabl can adapt to your testing needs, rather than guessing what a test automation strategy would look like based on a limited demo.  

Ask Us Anything (Really)

As a trial user, you have access to every resource available to the Friends of mabl community, including new features like API testing and mobile web testing. You also have access to our Customer Support team with any questions or concerns you may have, especially when it comes to customizing your trial experience. Our team understands that any change, even if positive change, can be a challenge when something as critical as quality engineering is involved. In the end, mabl is designed to meet your needs as a quality leader and the trial is your opportunity to see for yourself how it works. 

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