How hard do you work to keep your UI tests afloat? Do your tests continuously run on their own, collecting and reporting proactive quality data about your web apps? Or are you drowning under a constant stream of new deployments?

If you struggle to test your web apps at pace with rapid delivery cycles, you might be working harder for your tests than they are for you.

The key to testing success is employing intelligent CI/CD pipelines with UI testing embedded throughout the software delivery pipeline. Join this Friday’s webinar and mabl co-founder, Dan Belcher, will show you all the improvements we’ve made - from our core framework to our intelligence layer - to enable teams to do UI testing continuously and catch bugs easier, earlier, faster, and more cheaply.

We'll be showcasing this, and more:

  • Test drag-and-drop functionality
  • Create, edit, and run mabl tests with the CLI
  • Use branching and versioning in test runs
  • Export tests to Selenium IDE
  • Automatically analyze test coverage

...and Dan will even give a sneak peek into our 2020 plans! These are just a few of the highlights. If you’re looking to make some changes to your test practice this year, or just curious about what we’re up to, watch the webinar now!