In the world of software development, teams are expected to deliver code faster than ever before. But nothing kills your groove more than the appearance of a new bug. Not only does it take time to identify the root cause and resolve bugs, but they also get more expensive to fix the further they get into the development pipeline. 

That’s why many teams are shifting left and integrating automated testing earlier in the development lifecycle - to find and fix bugs when it’s easier and less expensive. Take it from Harrison Hunter, CTO of MaestroQA:

“Catching a bug once it's in production is very expensive. Catching them before deployment allows you to have more control over your own time, making it a lot cheaper and easier and without negatively impacting customers.”   

At mabl, we are in the business of helping you squash bugs early so your team can be more efficient and deliver higher-quality applications. The mabl test automation platform enables you to go beyond unit tests and easily implement impactful end-to-end tests at the beginning of the development lifecycle. Test results from mabl make it easier to understand the health of your code early - so you can deal with bugs when they’re less expensive to fix and keep them out of production. 

And now with mabl’s native integration with Bitbucket Pipelines, shifting left is no longer out of reach. With the latest Bitbucket Code Insights feature, quality reports and annotations contain relevant summary information from any integration - including mabl - for every pull request. That means that with this seamless integration, teams can take advantage of mabl’s intelligent automated testing and even see functional end-to-end test results directly in their pull requests. Relevant test results are surfaced and readily available right where developers are already working, so the author and reviewers can easily identify and resolve bugs without slowing down the delivery timeline. 

A screenshot showing that relevant test results are surfaced and readily available right where developers are already working.

For teams who are hoping to realize the full potential of DevOps and master CI/CD, test automation is a critical lynchpin. As many have already seen, leaving testing to the later stages of development creates an untenable bottleneck that has a negative impact on both the QA and development team, and unfortunately on the customers as well. Healthy, efficient pipelines rely on building a culture of quality that starts on the left with early testing, and by minimizing the manual work along the way with integrated solutions like mabl and Bitbucket. 

To learn more, check out this video about how mabl works with Bitbucket Pipelines:


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