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50% of consumers make purchases from marketing emails at least once per month, making it an essential step in the customer journey. Businesses rely on email communications to engage potential customers, build brand loyalty, as well as keep users updated on their accounts and purchases. As quality teams expand their reach across the enterprise by aligning their software testing strategies with the customer perspective, incorporating email testing at scale is a valuable way to increase test coverage and QA’s impact on the customer experience. 

Today, I’m excited to share that mabl now offers industry-leading email testing capabilities that encompass temporary and permanent email support. These features enable quality teams to quickly increase test coverage across a wide range of email interactions for consistent, high-quality customer journeys that help companies get the most value out of their email programs. 

Low-Code Test Automation for Every Email and Every Customer Journey 

Permanent email address support allows quality teams to test a robust range of essential email interactions at the scale needed by the digital enterprise. In addition to validating email content, including PDFs, permanent email support gives mabl users some of the most robust email testing capabilities on the market. Unlike some test automation tools, permanent emails created with mabl persist indefinitely so that quality teams can test: 

  • Password recovery 
  • Multi factor authentication (MFA)
  • Emails that can only be sent to addresses on file
  • Email communications sent over a period of time, such as time-bound emails that are sent within a specific timeframe 

Emails can be tested any number of times and across multiple windows or browsers. Mabl can also review and be trained against the last 100 messages sent to a permanent email address for smarter automated testing that matches the needs of the user. 

Scalable Low-Code Test Automation for High Test Coverage 

Since these new email testing features exist in mabl’s low-code platform, anyone can contribute to expanding test coverage across email functionalities, plus mabl’s AI-powered autohealing capabilities ensure that teams don’t need to worry about maintenance debt. Software teams can confidently support valuable customer communications through robust email testing, improving test coverage and expanding the reach of quality teams through the full customer lifecycle. 

Start improving test coverage across email as part of a 2 week free trial with mabl’s low-code test automation platform.