mabl Integration with Segment

Rapid test creation with the mabl Trainer

With development teams shipping features faster than ever before, testing applications in a way that reflects how real users interact with them becomes more of a challenge. While many companies attempt to test the paths they think their users will take, it is impossible to know them without the data and metrics to support these assumptions.

Segment is a platform that allows companies to collect user events on their web applications to gain a better understanding of their user experience. mabl enables teams to harness this information in a targeted way to improve test coverage. This integration ties together testing and real usage data so your team has the ability to focus on what is most important to testers and users.


mabl and Segment enable teams to:

  • Take full advantage of mabl’s test coverage feature set
  • Quickly view specific pages of your application based on complexity and average daily users
  • Create new tests in one place for pages that need additional coverage
  •  Utilize user data to identify fundamental flows that are untested
A screenshot showing that mabl and Segment enable teams to take full advantage of mabl's test coverage feature set.

Value of integrating real user data into your testing process:

Focus your testing efforts by adding coverage to areas of your application that impact users most

Quickly identify gaps in test coverage and save time by creating these tests in one place

Increase productivity by letting mabl do the work of identifying untested pages

The mabl integration with Segment allows us to report coverage measurements to your team that reflect the behavior of your users. This integration can be easily configured through the mabl application; all it requires is signing into your Segment account from the mabl integrations page and specifying the data source you would like to use.

A screenshot showing that  mabl and Segment can report coverage measurements that reflect the behavior of your users.