We’re less than a month away from our fourth annual mabl Experience! The mabl team is gearing up for our most exciting event yet, packed with informative and inspiring sessions that will help you extend the reach of quality across your organization. 

Like 2022, this year’s mabl Experience will feature virtual and in-person sessions. Both versions are free to attend and will include an all-star lineup of speakers from companies like Google, Ritual, Fox Corporation, TrustCloud, Priceline, and more. 

Rooted in Community, Reaching for Quality 

Over 1200 executives, developers, and quality professionals joined us at mabl Experience ’22, including over 100 people at our Boston-based event. Dedicated to fostering quality conversations and connections for everyone invested in software testing, mabl Experience has something for everyone in the development organization. To that end, this year’s theme is Reach, which celebrates how software testing and quality engineering are extending their reach across the enterprise as development organizations embrace generative AI, DevOps, and digital transformation.

If that isn’t enough to convince you to save your seat, here’s 5 reasons why I’m excited about mabl Experience 2023 (and why you should be too!). 

1. Learn from the Quality Leaders Extending the Reach of Testing 

Mabl Experience will feature sessions and panels led by industry leaders guiding their companies through testing transformations: 

  • Principal Group Engineering Manager Edward Peterson from Microsoft will share how his team at Xandr navigated their evolution with Microsoft and the role of quality in product strategy. 
  • Atlassian Head of Product Taylor Pechacek will explore how large development organizations can balance autonomy and stability for optimal innovation. 
  • Lead QA Engineer Vince Mahan from Chorus Innovations and Automation Engineering Manager Craig Willett from Fox Corporation will discuss how they’re managing innovation in quality at an in-person panel.
  • Kintent Director of QA Jessica Mosley will highlight how quality teams can build a culture of quality using DORA metrics, flow metrics, and traditional QA metrics. 
  • Senior QA Manager Chris de Steuben from Ritual will explore how his 2-person QA team maintains a comprehensive quality strategy for the customer-obsessed brand. 

And more! We’ll continue adding sessions with quality experts from around the world as mabl Experience draws closer. Register now to be the first to hear about new speakers and talks.  

2. Discover the Connection Between Testing Success to Business Success

To reach the full potential of quality and software testing, quality leaders need the right metrics to engage executives. Mabl Experience 2023 includes a number of sessions that will help you communicate the value of your work across the enterprise:

  • Mabl co-founder Dan Belcher and Head of Product Gevorg Hovsepyan will set the scene in a keynote focused on how digital transformation, DevOps, and AI are impacting quality.
  • Mabl Head of Customer Success Kirsten Vonck and Customer Success Manager Sarah DeSilva will help you build your business case for an effective test automation strategy.
  • Abstracta Country Manager (and former mabler) Darrel Farris will help your team navigate common obstacles in testing transformation and reach the full potential of quality.

Expand the reach of quality, celebrate your success, and build a roadmap to testing transformation with these sessions. 

3. Discover the Latest in AI, Test Automation, and DevOps 

The world of software development is changing fast with the evolution of DevOps, shifting consumer preferences, digital transformation, and the rapid rise of AI. Mabl Experience 2023 embraces these changes with forward-thinking talks that will help your team build a modern quality engineering practice.

  • Google Developer Advocate Amanda Lewis will share how software testing can impact DORA metrics at our Boston event.
  • Mabl Machine Learning Engineer John Kinnebrew and Software Engineer Lauren Clayberg will share their best practices for unlocking the potential of AI in quality engineering. 
  • Mabl Product Manager Juliette MacPhail will dive into innovation at mabl and how our low-code test automation platform is evolving to empower everyone to contribute to quality.

See the future of quality with these industry experts and get ready to extend the reach of testing at mabl Experience 2023.

4. Connect with the Global Quality Community

Mabl Experience is designed to foster connections across the quality community. Whether you join us virtually or in Boston, the conference will include a number of opportunities to discuss our fast-changing industry. Attendees will also have the opportunity to connect with event sponsors like Google, GitLab, Atlassian, Abstracta, and Resilient Coders. 

Our Boston-based mabl Experience will kick off with a networking event at the Sam Adams Tap Room, and close with the presentation of the first annual mabl Experience Awards!

5. Celebrate the First-Ever Mabl Experience Awards

This year we’re excited to announce our first-ever mabl Experience Awards, which will celebrate the testing teams, contributors, and leaders making the biggest impact at their companies and in their fields. 

The theme of this year's event is "Reach." We’re recognizing the quality teams and professionals extending the reach of quality across their organization, whether it’s increasing test coverage, extending visibility into the state of quality across the team, enabling DevOps adoption, or improving the customer experience. 

There are five categories for this year’s mabl Experience Awards: Most Impactful Quality Transformation, DevOps Leader of the Year, Partner of the Year, Most Valuable Tester, and Quality Leader of the Year. 

A November to Remember

Whether it’s your fourth mabl Experience or your first, this year’s quality conference will have insightful conversations designed to help you extend the reach of quality across the organization. Join us in Boston or anywhere in the world to celebrate the critical work of quality professionals, developers, and leaders as we continue to advance software testing in the midst of transformations like AI, DevOps, and more. 

Register for mabl Experience 2023!