Happy 404 Day! Every year, mabl recognizes this date to celebrate the bugs that have challenged us as quality professionals, the defects that have made us better, and most importantly, the bugs that never make it to production. 

Software testing continues to emerge as an essential enabler of DevOps success, happy (and repeat) customers, and faster deployments. To support this critical role, QA professionals are quickly expanding their skills to grow their careers and their contributions to company success. I’m delighted to share that this community’s passion for learning has reached a new milestone: mabl University learners have earned 1500 Certifications! 

This milestone is a community achievement, one that should make us all proud. In recognition of your hard work and 404 Day, I’m excited to share that we’re giving you a new way to showcase your mabl skills with mabl’s LinkedIn page!

Elevate Your Testing Career with Mabl Skills and Certifications 

This page allows you to add mabl as a skill to your LinkedIn profile. In addition to celebrating your mabl University Certifications via LinkedIn post, you can now showcase your automated testing expertise in a way that’s easy for colleagues and potential employers to identify. With just a click of a button, you can share your AI-powered test automation skills with the world!

Mabl’s product page also makes it easy for you to share your experiences with mabl by leaving a review. This helps our passionate user community share wins, tips, and best practices as we work towards a future with fewer bugs and happier customers. Join the conversation by posting a review and see how others are growing their automated testing strategy with mabl. 

Empowering Everyone to Learn Test Automation Skills 

1500 certifications equals approximately 4500 hours of work and progress from this community. From everyone here at mabl, thank you for dedicating your time and your talents to mabl and mabl University. We’re always striving to build new courses that empower you to grow your skills and your career at the forefront of software quality. 

Mabl University was introduced in 2021 as an extension of our mission to make AI-augmented automated testing useful for everyone. Our goal was simple, but powerful: offer comprehensive, self-paced learning resources that allowed anyone invested in software quality to build their test automation skills. 

The response from the quality community was immediate and enthusiastic. Inspired by your drive to learn, we quickly began working on new ways to make mabl University bigger, better, and more valuable to you. The result was our mabl University Certifications and expanded on-demand learning programs. 

Mabl University’s on-demand learning paths are 25 - 45 minute modules that explore the skills you need to begin building and scaling your automated testing testing strategy. They cover everything from API testing and performance testing to best practices for collaborating across QA, developers, and product managers. We even have lessons designed for developers interested in broadening their software testing expertise! 

Mabl Certifications allow you to showcase your software testing skills through self-paced recommended learning paths and skills assessments that cover automated testing fundamentals, advanced testing techniques, and non-functional testing strategies. Each Certification teaches the foundations of each test type through low-code test automation, explores the value added by each automated testing tactic, and shares how you can showcase your impact with in-depth reports.

The three mabl Skills Certifications - Foundations, Advanced, and Non-Functional Testing - are a great way to test your mabl skills and join a network of quality professionals. Join this passionate, driven, and supportive community by sharing your mabl University Certifications and adding mabl as a skill on LinkedIn! 

Smarter Testing, Fewer Bugs, and Happier Customers

As we celebrate 404 Day, we want to thank our amazing learning community for elevating mabl University to new heights with keen insight and recommendations for future lessons. Your hard work and passion inspire all of us here at mabl, and we can’t wait to celebrate the next 1500 certifications with you. Here’s to new software testing skills, fewer bugs, and happier customers!

Add a new mabl University Certification to your skillset today!