Mabl is thrilled to announce that the mabl Customer Success team was named a finalist in the 2021 Business Intelligence Excellence in Customer Service Awards! Standing out among thousands of applications from customer service teams in the software industry, mabl Customer Success is being recognized for their commitment to enabling mabl users around the world. With just 38 companies named this year, mabl CS is counted among the highest performing teams, anywhere. 

The award caps off an impressive year for mabl CS, which plays a critical role in supporting free trial users, onboarding new customers, and helping the Friends of mabl make the most of the mabl test automation platform as they adopt quality engineering. As if that wasn’t enough, our Customer Success also played a major role in launching the mabl desktop app, growing the Friends of mabl Japan community, and creating mabl University

Congratulations and thank you to the entire team for their hard work and dedication! 

  • Cornel Bell - Customer Support Engineer
  • Anil Uvaraj - Customer Support Engineer
  • Ketan Katyara - Customer Support Engineer
  • Preston Betro - Customer Success Manager
  • Damon Paul - Technical Solutions Engineer

Behind the scenes with mabl Customer Success

To understand how CS accomplishes their wide-ranging role, we sat down with Technical Solutions Engineer Damon Paul, who has been a part of the mabl Customer Success team since its formal creation in 2019. 

Bridget: Thanks for joining me! Let’s get started with you sharing a bit about yourself and your role at mabl.

Damon: Great, so I’m the Technical Solutions Engineer - which means I’m very involved with helping users learn how to use the mabl app and build their test automation skills. Since I have experience in both manual testing and test automation as a QA Specialist, I spend a lot of time working with customers to understand their testing needs and guide them towards the quality engineering strategy that fits their organization. 

Bridget: That sounds a bit unusual for a typical Customer Support role, mind diving into the strategy side for me?

Damon: Of course. Our core philosophy at mabl Customer Success is “empathy with evidence,” which means that we really focus on building long term relationships with the Friends of mabl to make sure that we’re not just helping them make the most of mabl, but also supporting their entire development team as they shift to quality engineering backed by test automation. And that involves working with mabl customers from the beginning of the sales cycle, setting clear expectations from the onset, and tailoring the onboarding process to their specific needs. The entire Customer Success team is very engaged with our customers so that we can focus our responses on their priorities as much as possible. It’s never a cut-and-paste thing. 

Bridget: Can you describe a typical mabl user?

Damon: *Laughs* Not at all. Our range of users is incredibly diverse, with a wide range of skills and expertise. Many of them are manual testers that haven’t used any type of test automation framework, but have incredible expertise on their product, end-users, and test execution. We also see a lot of automation engineers with extensive experience with test automation that need to perform complex tests, but haven’t necessarily thought about testing strategy or scaling testing to the entire DevOps pipeline. 

Bridget: Sounds like you all stay busy! How does the team adapt to so many different users?

Damon:  It gets hectic, for sure. The biggest thing we do is continuously expand our own skills. Every person on the team - Cornel, Anil, Preston, Ketan and myself - all have backgrounds in technical customer support, but we recognize how important it is to keep learning. We work very closely with the mabl development team to understand the minutiae of mabl itself, especially during new feature rollouts. We also created an education strategy that ensures everyone has the time and resources to become quality experts in addition to being mabl experts. And that really guides our focus - it’s about being a holistic resource for quality professionals as they update their testing strategy, embrace quality engineering, and collaborate with their engineering teams. 

I’d also like to note that we put a lot of emphasis on creating resources for self-paced training for our users. We want to make it as easy as possible for the Friends of mabl to build their skills, so we recently introduced mabl University as a home for learning everything mabl, quality engineering, and testing strategy. 

Bridget: Before we wrap up - describe mabl Customer Success in three words. 

Damon: Collaborative, proactive, data-driven 

Bridget: Love it. Thanks so much for joining me and congrats to the entire mabl Customer Success team on the win! 

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