Happy 404 Day! Today is one of our favorite unofficial holidays here at mabl. As always, we’re celebrating the bugs that have challenged us as quality professionals, the defects that have made us better, and most importantly, the bugs that never make it to production. 

Software quality is embracing an elevated place in the enterprise as more organizations seek to accelerate product velocity, reduce team burnout, and improve the customer experience. In this new role, more people from across the organization are contributing to testing strategies. Developers are supporting shift-left and continuous testing efforts, customer experience teams are collaborating on the user journey, and product owners are monitoring functionality through low-code test automation. Quality teams are leading this holistic effort as coaches, testing experts, and enablers that unlock testing value for everyone. 

Celebrating the Wild World of Software Testing 

To celebrate this new collaborative world of testing, mabl has created a “personality quiz” designed to inspire everyone to find their role in testing. Whether you’re a seasoned quality engineer with years of testing experience, a developer who just started contributing to your team’s quality strategy, or a customer experience pro who’s quality-curious, we hope you can find your place in the wild world of testing. 

Take the quiz at this link and share your quality personality on social media! Tag us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram to help celebrate 404 Day and the many people preventing software bugs. 

Explore The Quality Contributor Personalities 

Quality Penguin

When someone has questions about testing and quality engineering, the Quality Penguin has answers. These extroverted, collaborative, and empathetic teachers are always willing to help their team master new testing techniques, implement new technologies, and become a better software organization.

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Your anthem: We Can Work It Out 

Quality Capybara 

Happy customers are the name of the game for the Quality Capybara. Empathetic, thoughtful, and inventive, they’re always thinking about how to improve the user experience and how to harness testing to understand the customer journey. 

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Your anthem: All The Small Things

Quality Hawk 

These sharp-eyed quality contributors are always on the lookout for hidden bugs and coverage gaps. Analytical, detail-oriented, and curious, Quality Hawks are happiest when solving challenging problems and diving headfirst into exploratory testing. 

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Your anthem: Break My Soul 

Quality Chameleon 

These masters of ‘scale’ are the glue holding quality engineering together. Patient, technical, and practical, Quality Chameleons go under-the-hood to manage the infrastructure and processes needed for organizations to build and sustain their quality engineering and DevOps practices at all stages of growth. 

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Your anthem: Come Together 

Quality Antelope 

Whether they’re performing exploratory testing on a new product feature or experimenting with a new tool, Quality Antelopes thrive in the unknown. Inventive, quick-thinking, and creative, these quality contributors are always looking for the next best thing to improve product quality. 

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Anthem: Question…?

[H2] Software Quality is a Team Effort

In a world where 73% of consumers say that the user experience plays a role in their purchasing decisions, quality needs to be an integral, collaborative part of software development. Take a moment today to celebrate your team’s contributions to quality, share your quiz results, and take a victory lap for the 404s that don’t happen on your website. 

Take the Quality Contributor quiz to discover your unique role in quality!