Most of us have recovered from our Thanksgiving feasts and snow is starting to flurry in mabl’s hometown of Boston: it’s officially the holiday season. Whether you rushed to snag Black Friday doorbusters or are ordering this year’s gifts from the comfort of your couch, it’s time to start checking names off your gifting list. 

While we can’t help you find the perfect gift for cousin Matthew or Aunt Susan, we do have a few suggestions for the software tester, QA engineer, SDET, or other quality professional in your life. 

Give the Gift of Software Testing Community and Learning

The world of quality engineering is changing fast as test automation, DevOps, and rising consumer expectations drive QA teams to ask bigger questions about product performance and accessibility. Help your favorite quality engineering pro connect with their peers and upgrade their skills with these gifts from the cutting edge of quality. 

AutomationGuild Pass

A circle shaped pass for the software AutomationGuild designed with a logo graphic of a man speaking into a microphone.

Created by automation, security, and performance testing guru Joe Colantonio, AutomationGuild is one of the largest test automation events in the quality community. Speakers from across the software testing field will share their latest insights, strategies, and techniques to help your favorite quality pro achieve their career goals in the coming year. 

Grab a pass to AutomationGuild 2024!

The DevOps Handbook: How to Create World-Class Agility, Reliability, & Security in Technology Organizations


Book cover of the DevOps Handbook on how to create world class agility, reliability, & security in technology optimization.

“The DevOps Handbook” has been the definitive guide for DevOps and digital transformation for years. This recently released second edition includes over 100 pages of insights, case studies. The theories and practices laid out in “The DevOps Handbook” are useful for anyone engaged in DevOps adoption, making it an essential read for quality pros driving DevOps success as part of their shift to quality engineering. 

Order a copy of “The DevOps Handbook” from

A Ministry of Testing Pro Membership

 Logo for the Ministry of Testing for software testing and quality engineering.

The Ministry of Testing is your one-stop shop for all things software quality engineering, test automation, and quality assurance. Their global community organizes frequent TestBash events, shares knowledge through an extensive library of articles, 99-minute workshops, podcasts, and video series. Whether your QA pro is just launching their career or is a seasoned leader, they’ll appreciate the gift of a MoT Pro membership.

Team Guide to Software Testability: Better Software Through Greater Testability

Book cover of the Team Guide of Software Testability for better software through greater testability.

Testability is a vital property of modern software. It enables software teams to make changes rapidly and safely with clear feedback loops to understand the impact of changes. When your product is testable, it is more likely to meet all of your customer's needs. If you want to drive improvements in both speed and agility, testability is the fuel you need to deliver modern software. Give your quality engineering pro the gift of more testable code with this recently released guide to software testability. 

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Fuel their Testing Focus 

Quality engineering is a rewarding, but challenging, career path. Help every quality pro on your list stay energized, focused, and geared up for busy days of writing tests, reviewing test results, and mastering automated testing with these gifts. 

Blue Light Glasses

Folded glasses with clear blue light lens and opaque frames.

Analyzing test data shouldn’t hurt your eyes! Keep your loved ones’ eyes safe from long days at the computer with blue light glasses that reduce the impact of harsh screen glare. 

Shop Amazon| Shop Sunski 

Stacks of Snacks

A medium sized bag of Doritos chip snacks in the nacho cheese flavor standing upright.

Catching bugs is hungry work, especially when the 3 pm munchies strike. Give your favorite quality engineering pro the fuel they need to find bugs, manage their automated testing strategy, and improve the customer experience with these tasty treats. 

Gluten free | Vegan | Classic 

A Mug that Says It All

Mug reading "QA Analysts: Fluent in C++, Java, Python, and Sarcasm"

No matter if the quality engineering pros on your list prefer coffee or tea, they’ll appreciate a mug that gets it. Help them say it all without saying a word on Zoom meetings with a handy (and pithy) cup. 

Fluent in Sarcasm (Etsy) | Tell Me It's Fixed (Etsy) 

Quality Gifts for Quality People

Show the software testers, QA engineers, QA managers, and SDETs in your life how much you care this holiday season. And if the checkout process is easy, even on mobile, be sure to thank your quality pro for making our digital lives that much better each and every day.