What is Shift Left Testing?

Shifting left means getting everyone on the delivery team engaged in testing activities. Testing needs to change from being a scramble right before release to something your team talks about and does every day. You and your team will need to make some healthy changes to your testing processes when you adopt a continual, holistic testing approach. 

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Why should you care?

In an Agile world, software and IT teams are under constant pressure to move faster. Typically, this means decreasing the relative length of delivery time while continuing to improve quality on each successive release. At the same time, there’s always pressure to minimize testing costs. Many organizations who have adopted agile development initiatives have focused on shortening sprints and incorporating customer feedback into features faster. But soon they run into severe quality issues, and their customers end up suffering.

An emphasis on testing and quality has made a huge emergence in the software market, where “move fast and break things” is no longer viable. A quality assurance movement known as “shift-left testing” has come along in response to this mantra.

The Complete Guide to Shift Left Testing
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3) Who needs to be involved in this movement and how

4) How some individuals pioneered the shift in their own teams

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