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At mabl, we spend a lot of time talking about collaboration. Whether you’re a software tester, quality leader, or engineering leader, we want to make it easier for your entire team to work together and build high-quality software. 

But we also walk the walk, celebrating the teams behind the scenes at mabl as we collaborate on best-of-breed intelligent test automation. Our tight-knit team is driven by our core values: insight, drive, support, and authenticity, which translates to collaboration across the entire mabl organization. To celebrate that collaboration and company impact, starting this year my co-founder Dan and I created the annual mabl Founders Award. 

Meeting the challenge of an unprecedented year

The Founders Awards recognize the teams that have made an exceptional impact on the mabl community over the past year. This year in particular, we had incredible contributions from the entire team as we shifted to remote work, supported clients adapting to rapidly changing industries, continued to grow our Friends of mabl Japan community, and launched the mabl desktop app with API and mobile web testing. 

In the spirit of teamwork and support, every mabler is encouraged to nominate a project for consideration. Mabl managers then meet with each nominated team to understand the scope of the project and its impact on the company. After getting feedback from the managers, Dan and I review all the entries and determine the winner. The projects are evaluated based on six key criteria: 

  • Company impact
  • Team collaboration
  • Leadership, especially by non-managers or tech leads
  • Innovation 
  • Demonstration of company values
  • Quality

The Winners

I’m proud to say that each of the six finalists reflected the focus and dedication to quality that sets the mabl team apart. The urgency that each and every mabler brings to their role is central to our mission of empowering high-velocity teams to adopt quality engineering. With so many impressive projects from the entire team, it was a difficult choice and we ultimately had a tie among the winners and a very close runner up. 

The mabl Experience team

Last October, mabl hosted our inaugural mabl Experience event, which was held virtually over the course of two days. It was an amazing opportunity for the Friends of mabl community to come together and share best practices for quality engineering. We were thrilled to have customers like Riot Games, Sensormatic, NCR, Ritual, Ascendum Solutions, and Colruyt Group share their testing strategies with hundreds of attendees. The summit was an amazing success, with quality professionals from around the world joining to discuss the future of quality engineering as it becomes the cornerstone of business success and technological innovation. 

Congratulations to the co-winner, the mabl Experience team!

  • Katie Staveley, Head of Marketing
  • Leah Pemberton, Demand Generation Lead
  • Gabe Alvarez-Millard, Brand & Digital Design Lead

mabl Customer Support

Few words can describe the impact of the mabl Customer Support team. Day-in and day-out, they continuously raise the bar as they support the global Friends of mabl community as they adopt quality engineering enabled by test automation. 

The mabl Customer Support team plays a diverse and critical role at mabl, ranging from onboarding new users to supporting the rollout of new features to ensure that every Friend of mabl has the resources they need to maintain quality while expanding their test automation capabilities. Internally, mabl Customer Support team members serve as a key advocate for the needs and goals of the Friends of mabl community. Despite that community growing significantly over the last year, the mabl Customer Support team continues to deliver world-class support to every customer.

Congratulations to the other co-winner, the mabl Customer Support team!

  • Cornel Bell, Customer Support Engineer
  • Anil Uvaraj, Customer Support Engineer
  • Ketan Katyare, Customer Support Engineer
  • Preston Betro, Customer Success Manager
  • Damon Paul, Technical Solutions Engineer

The Runner-Up: Self-paced Training

Our extensive library of self-paced training videos are an invaluable resource for anyone looking to adopt intelligent test automation and transition to quality engineering. From getting started with mabl to mastering testing strategy, our self-paced training team continuously works to ensure that these resources are updated and expanded to provide the best learning experience at your own pace. 

Congratulations to the runner-up, the Self-paced Training team!

  • Rowland Hill, Customer Success Engineer
  • Preston Betro, Customer Success Manager
  • Mary Kate Morrison, Customer Success Engineer
  • Damon Paul, Technical Solutions Engineer 
  • Bertold Kolics, QA Manager
  • Ketan Katyare, Customer Support Engineer

Ready for another year in quality

The competition for the first annual Founders Award was fierce, and the entire mabl team should be proud of their dedication and hard work. Though it was a challenging and unpredictable time, we came together and delivered valuable resources, built new innovations in test automation, and hosted world-class events for the quality community. 

Congratulations to all winners and here’s to another year in quality!

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