Since mabl’s inception, we have been inspired by a vision of creating intelligent CI/CD pipelines that make it as easy as possible for developers to quickly and safely ship their code to production. Today, we’re releasing two enhancements to our GitHub integrations that bring us closer to realizing that vision.

Integrating mabl insights with GitHub Actions

Using the mabl GitHub app, you can now integrate mabl Insights into GitHub Actions. This allows you to drive automation based not only on test results (which we enabled with our initial GitHub Action) but also on visual changes, performance changes, broken links, JavaScript errors, and more.

A screenshot showing how by using the mabl GitHub app, you can now integrate mabl Insights into GitHub Actions.

With mabl insights and GitHub actions, you can be proactive about issues that are time-consuming to check manually or rests out of scope for the feature under work. You could, for example, use this integration to check for visual changes after a pull request is merged and, if tests pass and there are no visual changes, automatically deploy the build to the next environment.

mabl CLI support for GitHub Actions

Some code related to mabl and with the title Terminal.

mabl’s powerful features are now literally at your fingertips. Removing obstacles from your workflow, the new mabl CLI (beta) provides you with command-line access to a rapidly-expanding subset of mabl’s functionality. As of today, you can now include mabl CLI commands in your GitHub Actions. For example, after triggering tests in mabl using the “run mabl tests” action, you could use the mabl CLI to automatically export screenshots from tests to an S3 bucket on Amazon Web Services (thanks to the AWS CLI for GitHub Actions).

More to come!

While our customers already find the mabl GitHub app and GitHub Actions integrations useful as standalone capabilities, we are just as excited about their potential as building blocks for even more innovative and sophisticated workflows that you create and tailor to your own needs. 

Keep an eye out - this is only the beginning. We will continue to add more of these building blocks for intelligent CI/CD pipelines in the coming weeks and months that will help developers ship faster and more safely into production. And in the meantime, please don’t be shy about sharing your work and feedback with the team!



mabl GitHub integrations overview