Teamwork is fundamental to mabl’s culture and continued innovation in software testing. Since creating the company in 2017, my cofounder and I have worked to establish a collaborative, supportive culture that encourages mablers to work across different teams. Though that collaboration looks radically different today compared to those early days, I’m proud to see how the mabl team has adapted and thrived in a hybrid world over the past few years. Though our team now spans 10 states, five countries, and four continents, we remain a close-knit community that lives our core values: drive, authenticity, insight, and support. 

To celebrate the ways in which our team collaboratively embodies those core values, we created the Founders’ Awards. 

Building a Quality Future, Together 

The Founders Awards recognize the teams that have made an exceptional impact in the mabl community over the past year. In the spirit of teamwork and support, every mabler is encouraged to nominate a project for consideration. Mabl managers evaluate the projects based on key criteria and the impact of the project including: 

  • Company impact
  • Team collaboration
  • Leadership, especially by non-managers or tech leads
  • Innovation 
  • Demonstration of company values
  • Quality

After getting feedback from the managers, my cofounder Dan and I review all the entries and determine the winner(s).

The Winners

I’m proud to say that the 2022 winners reflected the focus and dedication to quality that sets the mabl team apart. Each project honored with this year’s Founders’ Award showcases how mabl has expanded its test automation platform, continued to improve the testing experience, and supports industry leaders as they adopt quality engineering. Their success is another sign of the exciting innovations to come in 2022!  

First Place: The mabl Desktop App Team

In February 2021, mabl introduced our desktop application, which provides a unified, intuitive interface for creating, editing, running, and managing automated tests. The desktop app included the launch of API testing and mobile web testing, powerful features that enable quality engineering teams to expand their test automation strategy through the same low-code interface that makes it possible for everyone to contribute to quality. 

The desktop application set the stage for faster, more reliable testing as well as streamlined test management. Our customers are accomplishing incredible quality initiatives with mabl’s desktop app, and we’re thrilled to support their work as we continue to expand our testing capabilities. Congratulations to the mabl Desktop App Team! 

  • Mike Bartucca, Staff Engineer 
  • Simon Choy, Software Engineer
  • Juliette MacPhail, Product Manager
  • Don McNamara, Software Engineer
  • Jeff Zupka, Engineering Manager

Second Place: The SOC 2 Compliance Team

A core pillar of mabl’s approach to test automation is being a good partner to our customer community. It’s not just about being the easiest intelligent test automation solution; it’s about being the best possible partner to our customers. Which is why we invested in completing our SOC 2 compliance certification earlier this year. 

SOC 2, more formally known as Service Organization Control 2, is one of the industry’s most widely recognized and respected data security management standards. It helps ensure that mabl handles customer data in the most secure, transparent, and accountable manner possible. Achieving this prestigious milestone is a critical way mabl protects and supports our partners. Congratulations to the SOC 2 Team!

  • James Baldassari, Software Engineer
  • Geoff Cooney, Head of Technology
  • Joe Lust, Software Engineer

Third Place: The Customer Expansion Team

Every mabl customer, and every quality engineer enrolled in our 14 day free trial, works with our award-winning Customer Success and Customer Support teams. These tight-knit organizations manage everything from answering customer questions to soliciting feedback on beta features in our early access program. Their dedication and expertise are frequently cited as industry leading by companies like  Charles Schwab, a long term Friend of mabl. Though the mabl customer community is rapidly growing, users continue to rave about the partnership with the mabl team, especially as they expand their automated testing strategies and embrace quality engineering. Congratulations to this team of mablers who excel at continuing to help our customers achieve real business value from their investment! 

  • Darrel Farris, Solutions Engineering Manager
  • Rowland Hill, Customer Success Manager
  • Max Magnuson, Strategic Account Executive

Ready for Another Year in Quality Engineering

The competition for the annual Founders Award was exciting, and the entire mabl team should be proud of their dedication and hard work. Though we are growing quickly around the world, every mabler continues to be engaged in building the leading intelligent test automation platform as well as a supportive, collaborative workplace that nurtures innovation. 

Congratulations to all winners and here’s to another year in quality!

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