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Mabl recently introduced Shadow DOM support, which enables users to extend functional UI testing across complex user journeys that include isolated web components and third-party apps like Salesforce. This allows quality teams to test a more complete version of their user journey, thereby improving the customer experience and test coverage. 

This new feature was designed with feedback from the Friends of mabl user community, including Chris Amos, IT Test Manager and Test Automation Lead at NCR, the leading provider of banking and e-commerce solutions for financial, retail, hospitality, travel, telecom and technology industries. Chris’ team has been an early adopter of Shadow DOM support, providing valuable insights to the mabl team and showcasing how low-code automated shadow DOM testing can improve an organization’s software Salesforce testing strategy.

Salesforce Complexity Slows Quality Efforts 

The complexity of Salesforce applications has made it difficult for quality leaders like NCR to automate tests for Salesforce-dependent user journeys, especially those in the all-important sales process. Though Salesforce provides mission-critical support for the prospective customer experience, hidden DOM elements made testing these crucial workflows a time-intensive process. Testing was manual and infrequent, limiting NCR’s ability to identify defects in a timely manner. With mabl’s Shadow DOM support, the NCR team is shifting away from infrequent manual testing that limited quality engineering efforts to routine automated tests that speed up deployments and improve overall quality.

Continuous Testing Identifies Regression Defects Fast

Software testing is the cornerstone of a fast, efficient development process that contributes to a better user experience. When testing is limited, defects are significantly harder to find and fix, slowing down developers, quality engineering, and potentially impacting the customer experience. Any customer-facing bugs are a problem, but defects that reach prospective customers have a direct cost to the company. At NCR, the complexity of Salesforce applications meant that automated testing was virtually impossible, which was an unsustainable quality strategy as they moved the entire prospective customer journey into Salesforce. 

Mabl’s new Shadow DOM support capabilities have enabled the NCR quality team to implement continuous regression testing across their prospective customer journey while simultaneously migrating the sales process into Salesforce. Automated tests that can identify defects in Salesforce applications are easily scheduled on a routine basis, freeing up the quality team to perform critical exploratory testing and new feature testing. Routine testing means that defects are discovered significantly earlier, which makes it easier for developers to resolve them since they’ll spend less time trying to identify the cause of the regression issue. As a result, the entire software development team is moving faster with more confidence. 

A Quality Partnership for Better Quality Engineering 

Chris and the entire NCR quality team have been long-term partners with mabl as we grow our low-code test automation platform. Their insights and expertise have been instrumental in the development of features like API testing and Shadow DOM support. As Chris shared his experience with mabl’s new Shadow DOM support, he summarized the impact of this quality partnership for mabl, our users, and quality engineering: 

“Participating in the beta testing of this new mabl capability has allowed us to give feedback, improve our own testing, and hopefully improve automated testing for all mabl users going forward.” 

We’re grateful to Chris, his team at NCR, and the entire mabl user community for helping the mabl team make software testing easier for everyone. 

See how mabl with Shadow DOM support can improve your Salesforce test automation at our free webinar on Wednesday, August 9th. Mabl Product Manager Juliette MacPhail and Product Marketer Fernando Mattos will share actionable tips for extending E2E testing across Salesforce workflows for easy, effective Salesforce test automation.