Integration with Postman

Software teams increasingly rely on application programming interfaces (APIs) as a communication and data exchange mechanism between different components of an application as well as across various applications. Most business logic is handled at the API layer and therefore, testing and validating that APIs work as expected is critical to delivering high quality user experiences.

Postman is a collaboration platform for API development that makes it easy for developers to create, validate, and document better APIs. It comes with a free version which makes it a very popular choice among developers and testers alike.


mabl and Postman together enable teams to:

  • Automate API tests in mabl on schedule and on deployment.
  • Increase API test coverage by adding assertions to validate response data without writing code.
  • Augment UI testing with API tests to quickly and reliably setup/teardown test data and validate complex end-to-end scenarios.
  • Integrate with CI/CD tools like GitHub Actions to run both API and UI tests on deployment.
  • See detailed reports of API test runs over time for quick root-cause analysis of failed tests.
  • Empower your entire team to collaborate on API testing.
  • Easily export  and share mabl API tests as a Postman Collection with other team members.

Improve Your Workflow with Test Automation

Mean Time to Repair

Significantly reduce MTTR (Mean Time to Repair) by decreasing the cost of downtime

Team Collaboration

Improve collaboration across the team including QA engineers and developers


Increase overall software development velocity while improving application quality

Automating end-to-end API testing helps bolster test coverage and reduce risk across internal and external API consumers. Testing APIs means going beyond the surface of the graphic user interface layer to dissect the application and its business logic to its core, which helps detect issues early on in the development cycle and speed up root-cause analysis.

All in all, mabl and Postman complement each other to help you increase test coverage across both the UI and API layer of your technology stack. Your team can take advantage of the best-of-breed capabilities that each tool has to offer and stay focused on delivering value to your users, faster. See how by viewing the help documentation.