mabl Integration with Postman

Get more out of your API tests with mabl's powerful Postman integration:

  • Orchestrate API Tests: Import Postman Collections to use mabl's test orchestration and cloud infrastructure, scheduling your API tests and integrating them with your CI/CD tools.
  • Expand Testing Scope: Combine API tests with web and mobile application UI tests to easily manage test data and validate complex scenarios for comprehensive end-to-end test coverage.
  • Ensure API Performance: Build load tests in mabl with reduced setup time, no infrastructure to maintain, and real-time actionable insights that are accessible for the whole team.


Postman Collection Importer & Powerful Orchestration

Built on the Newman engine, mabl delivers full compatibility for importing, exporting, and executing your Postman API tests. Choose to import individual tests or entire Collections, using them as standalone API checks or combining them into end-to-end flows.

Once imported, easily orchestrate your API tests within mabl: schedule them for routine execution, integrate them seamlessly with CI tools like GitHub Actions, and harness mabl's cloud-based execution with unlimited concurrency for lightning-fast results.


True End-to-End Quality for Web and Mobile Apps

Mabl's unified platform empowers you to seamlessly integrate API testing directly into your web and mobile UI tests. Effortlessly embed API calls to streamline test data setup and teardown, or validate intricate real-world scenarios with true end-to-end coverage.


Optimal API Performance

Reuse your existing API tests to create powerful load tests, replicating real-world user load and ensuring that your APIs consistently meet SLAs. Easily add DataTables, configure user concurrency, and set failure criteria based on response time, HTTP error rate, and test failure rate.


High-velocity software teams rely on mabl