mabl Series B Funding

Today, we announced mabl Enterprise and a $20M round of funding. Taken together, these represent a major milestone for mabl as a company, a team, and a community of passionate users. We are deeply grateful for the village of advisors, investors, friends, and early adopters who have lent their time and expertise to nurture mabl through the crucial stages of exploration and development. We could not be more optimistic about what this company can accomplish in the years ahead.

The Series B was led by GV (formerly Google Ventures). As part of the investment, Karim Faris has joined the mabl board. We have gotten to know Karim very well over the past several years. Thoughtful, passionate about technology, and deeply versed in working with Enterprise clients, Karim is a great addition to the mabl family and has already provided valuable advice and connections to potential customers and prospective team members.


Our mission remains the same

It is still very early in mabl’s journey. In January of 2017, we embarked on a mission to help software teams innovate faster by making it easier to automate functional testing. We chose this challenge because innovations in technology and process have led to dramatically higher productivity for development and operations in recent years, causing quality assurance to struggle to keep pace. Slow testing has become a bottleneck for some teams while insufficient testing has led to unacceptable product quality for others. Thankfully, advances in machine learning and cloud computing--combined with an extraordinary amount of hard work by our world-class engineering team--have enabled mabl to make real headway in addressing this challenge at scale.

We are inspired by software teams telling us that mabl helps them innovate faster and improve the quality of their work. We are humbled by QA engineers who tell us that they find their jobs more fulfilling now that they’ve been able to offload many routine and frustrating tasks to mabl. And we are just as motivated by the users who point out the areas where we need to improve and innovate more.

A headshot of James Wilson, QA Lead at JobCase, along with a quote about how mabl helped him.

These users are increasingly part of larger organizations that are operating at scale. They have dozens or hundreds of developers. Their products are sophisticated. They have high expectations and unique requirements for not only quality but also data security, performance, integrations, and scalability. Many of these are natural strengths for mabl’s heritage and architecture.


mabl Enterprise

We started working on mabl Enterprise several months ago in response to those users who wanted to bring intelligent testing into these more complex environments. To satisfy their needs, we implemented even more stringent data security and privacy controls. We doubled down on performance and scalability. We added key Enterprise features, including Internet Explorer support, secure tunneling for firewalled environments, single sign-on integration, and long-term data retention. We’re releasing these features as a new package today, and we’ll continue to work closely with our customers to enhance that offering.

You can try out mabl Enterprise for free today; it takes a couple minutes to set up. As always, we’d love to answer any questions, get your feedback, or just say hello. You can reach us on Twitter, via email, or in our in-app chat.

And if you’re based in Boston with a passion for building software to help other software teams, please check out our open positions!