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Google’s DORA metrics are the gold standard for mapping and measuring DevOps transformation. The Four Keys, deployment frequency, lead time for changes, change failure rate, and mean time to restore service, provide a well-established framework for measuring the speed and stability of software delivery. Teams that adopt these metrics can get a better understanding of their current performance, identify opportunities for improvement, and benchmark their progress against industry standards. 

Mabl has always approached test automation with the idea that expanding software testing and empowering quality teams can unlock DevOps maturity and enable the delivery of better digital experiences. Embracing continuous testing and building a culture of quality has a direct impact on two DORA metrics in particular; deployment frequency and change failure rate

Integrated Technology Stacks Improve Testing Visibility and Collaboration 

An essential component to improving both metrics is a shared understanding of product quality across the entire development organization. Silos between disparate development and testing tools can be one of the most challenging obstacles to overcome in DevOps adoption. To help quality teams improve collaboration, mabl offers a number of integrations with popular solutions like Slack, GitHub, GitLab, Jira, and more. One of our most popular integrations is with Google Cloud’s BigQuery, which enables mabl users to turn test data into customizable reports that can easily be shared across the enterprise.  

Extend Testing Visibility with Mabl’s Enhanced BigQuery Integration

The latest enhancements to mabl’s BigQuery integration allow quality teams to include the mabl activity feed as a table in BigQuery. This makes it even easier to turn testing into a team sport with regular reviews and collaborative workflows. Mabl users can use these capabilities to:

  • Create custom activity dashboards using Google Data Studio
  • Find the most frequently updated tests
  • Identify exceptions to naming standards
  • Create a leaderboard for mabl activity
  • Combine mabl activity with testing data from outside mabl

The mabl activity feed table is automatically created for existing customers and will populate with any new activity that occurs. Note that the table can only include data moving forward, not retroactive activity. 

Increased visibility into testing activity enables development teams to tackle some of the biggest challenges to DevOps success: data and process silos that inhibit collaboration. An integrated tech stack that provides meaningful insights and reduces the headaches of context-switching ensures that developers and quality pros have the data they need to accelerate deployment frequency and reduce their change failure rate

Testing Success Means DORA Improvements

A successful DevOps transformation takes time, strategic planning, and the right technologies. With DORA, development organizations have a powerful framework for understanding the speed and stability of their delivery pipelines, giving them a roadmap for progress. Mabl’s integration with BigQuery empowers quality professionals and developers with the testing insights they need to deliver new innovations to market faster while reducing their change failure rate. 

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