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Insurance has rapidly moved from “too complex for the startup model” to multiple successful exits. With high profile insurance and insurtech startups focusing on everything from health coverage to commercial insurance to automotive policies, insurance is seeing extraordinary growth and innovation. 

The pressure from disruptive newcomers only intensifies the spotlight on experienced companies with decades - even centuries - of experience. While their deeply honed industry expertise is valuable, users on both the consumer and B2B sides of the spectrum expect quality digital experiences that work when needed most. 

Accelerating functional testing at Arch Insurance 

Arch Insurance Group, Inc. is a specialty insurer that serves corporations, law firms, and finance companies in North America, Europe, and Australia. With several subsidiary companies and branch offices, plus over 1500 employees, the company maintains a commitment to providing careful and diligent underwriting services to its diverse portfolio of customers. 

A key aspect of Arch Insurance’s customer experience is a SaaS solution that lets their business users rate, quote, and maintain their client’s insurance policies. The system is heavily customized for Arch Insurance, and the company receives new releases every two weeks. This application underpins many customer-facing services, and each change can affect existing functionality. 

Building an adaptive, high-velocity functional testing strategy

The challenges facing Arch Insurance are common, especially for highly complex large enterprises that rely on a growing array of interconnected SaaS offerings for their digital infrastructure. As the software powering the most essential products and services becomes more complex, test automation solutions need to evolve to ensure quality throughout the user experience. 

Though Arch Insurance prided itself on the usability, customization, and functionality of the application, their QA team was overwhelmed by biweekly releases. Their team primarily relied on manual testing to ensure that each new release wouldn’t hurt their user experience and still protected their customers’ sensitive data - a critical concern in the insurance industry. 

With mabl's SaaS offering, the Arch Insurance team was able to standardize functional testing for their SaaS underwriting application, accelerating testing by 3x compared to their previous test automation tool. The improvements in testing speed were so significant that the QA team wasn’t just able to keep pace with the biweekly releases of the SaaS underwriting application, but actually get ahead of schedule for the next release. But the improvements resulting from their work with mabl didn’t stop with speed: the Arch Insurance team was able to test more thoroughly and discover a bug that the vendor had missed. 

Rapid - but secure - testing for the long term

In addition to accelerating the speed of functional testing, Arch Insurance found that mabl’s auto-healing features helped adapt test scripts to frequent changes in their application, which guaranteed that the QA team was able to maintain their intense two-week testing schedule long-term. As an established leader in a highly regulated industry that handles enormous amounts of sensitive data, the Arch Insurance team takes advantage of mabl Link, which includes secure tunneling capabilities that allow the testing program to access private environments without exposing them to risks. 

Though some SaaS offerings prefer speed over security, insurance and insurtech organizations, especially those with wide name recognition like Arch Insurance, can’t afford to compromise their security posture for the sake of speed. With mabl, they didn’t have to choose between the two, embedding a successful test automation strategy that supports long term health of their businesses. 

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