Salesforce is a clear leader in business technology. One of the core benefits of using any of their many solutions is the ability to customize the application with automated workflows that meet your individual business needs.

When it comes to workflows that are business critical, it’s just as important to make sure they’re working as expected, the same way you would validate that your products are working the way your customers expect.


Mabl’s low-code test automation platform enables all team members to create, run and manage comprehensive end-to-end tests that span Salesforce apps and third-party integrations to help you easily identify and fix issues.

Mabl’s Salesforce-specific auto-healing technology makes your tests reliable when asserting on dynamic elements behind the Shadow DOM, and minimizes maintenance when Salesforce or any of your integrated tools push feature updates.

Applying automated functional tests will help you stay ahead of potential issues and make sure your team stays productive and efficient.


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Chris Amos
IT Test Manager and Test Automation Lead

“Shadow DOM Support has already empowered the NCR team to automate regression testing for our sales process, which is being migrated into Salesforce. We’re proud to partner with mabl on building the future of test automation.”

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