Even though it’s still only November, it seems like the holiday season is already in full swing. I was running errands this past weekend and the stores are busier than usual, and the roads to the mall were lined with cars. I even stopped in at the local Christmas Tree Shop (I think that’s a New England thing), and I made a hard stop in the entryway when this sign caught my eye:A white board on an easel which says occupancy being digitally monitored by: Shopper Trak current occupancy 43 as of 3:00.I was excited to catch a glimpse of one of our mabl customers, ShopperTrak - a brand of Sensormatic Solutions - in action delivering solutions to their customers.

It’s no coincidence that this particular sign jumped out at me because Adeeb Valiulla, Quality Assurance Manager, shared the Sensormatic story on the mainstage at our recent Experience event in October. Adeeb told a compelling story about their transformation from manual testing to automation that stuck with me, and I was pleased to see their brand stand out in helping retailers continue to safely serve their customers, despite the pandemic.

Automation first in software development

Sensormatic has been a customer of mabl for over a year now. Their team made the strategic decision to take an “automation-first” approach to software development with the goal of helping their team be more efficient, data-driven, and deploy software faster. As part of that initiative test automation became a major focus. They relied on manual testing, but unfortunately that was costly and creating bottlenecks. The team wanted to implement a solution that was easy enough for anyone on the team to use, extend coverage, and reduce cost. That’s when they selected mabl.

Adeeb’s team is using mabl to automate tests for two of the products in their portfolio, so far. In his session, Adeeb shared some pretty incredible results. Mabl has helped them:

  • Increase test coverage from 50% to 96%

  • Reduce bugs in production by over 50% by catching more in testing

  • Increase production deployments by 300%

  • Shorten testing from 1 week to 1 day for one product

  • Shorten testing from 1.5 weeks to a couple hours for another product

Driving efficiency and velocity

Adeeb also talked about overall business impact. His team is realizing the efficiency and velocity they hoped for, both of which are contributing to their team’s ability to bring solutions to market faster than their direct competitors. I was particularly impressed when Adeeb shared that his team now has the ability to deliver products ahead of customer expectations. To me, this is one of the most significant ways that brands will beat the competition in a world where customer experience is so critical to success.

I appreciated how Adeeb closed by acknowledging that the success at Sensormatic is attributed to team alignment across the organization around a shared vision. It starts with getting everyone on the same page when it comes to goals and objectives, then layering in the right process, tools, and team members to execute on the plan. We are so proud to be able to partner with Adeeb and the rest of the Sensormatic team to help them achieve their automation goals!

It was a pleasure to have Adeeb share his story at Experience, and he tells it much better than me. Catch up on the full session here:



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