While many of you are used to working on distributed development teams, recent events have forced many of us to quickly adapt to the new norm of full-time remote work - more than maybe we’d like to. For our team here at mabl, we’ve all temporarily moved out of our beautiful office in downtown Boston to, well... our homes. Not unlike you, we’re relying on a broad suite of tools to help us stay connected and to keep moving forward on reaching our goals.

One that sits firmly in our toolbox is Jira. For anyone who’s in software development, you’re probably like us, either using Jira today or have used Jira in a past role. It has become the de-facto platform to track issues and bugs within the development pipeline. Considering quality assurance testing and bug tracking go hand-in-hand, it was an easy decision to invest in building integrations with both Jira Cloud, and now coming soon in April of 2020, Jira Server and Data Center.

mabl’s native Jira integrations provide a simple, convenient way to capture application issues found in mabl test results and share them with your development team directly. When teams connect mabl with Jira, they benefit from smooth interoperability between automated testing and issue tracking, resulting in:

  • Faster fixes: increased software development velocity by significantly reducing mean time-to-repair (MTTR)
  • Easy collaboration: better communication of issues amongst the entire software development team
  • Higher quality applications: resolving more bugs faster, before they reach production

When you connect mabl to Jira, your team has visibility into mabl test results directly in Jira. Users can see comprehensive diagnostics data like the DOM snapshot, network activity, and performance logs - all of which provide the necessary details for triaging and resolving issues quickly without spending a bunch of time trying to figure out what’s going on. Devs can even use the mabl CLI to run a failed test in a local environment for quick debugging. 

So, whether your team is using Jira Cloud, Server or Data Center, you can use the mabl integration to ensure your team is on the same page as they track software bugs and issues - together. When teams have the right tools that integrate directly into existing workflows, they can set themselves up for success whether they are together in the same office, or miles away from each other in this era of distributed teamwork.

If you’d like to learn more about how mabl integrates with Jira and some of the other Atlassian products, not to mention pick up a few tips and tricks, join our product experts for an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session. Watch now:

A screenshot of a video of a webinar called Continuous Testing with mabl and Atlassian. It has a play button in the center.