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The mabl team loves to discuss strategies to improve test coverage, expand testing to cover new features, and find new ways to assure quality across the entire user experience. The goal being, of course, to find bugs earlier in the development process. But that leads us to an essential question: how do we make sure that resolving these newly discovered bugs is as painless as possible?

It’s a common complaint throughout the software industry: 44% of engineers say that finding and fixing bugs is their biggest pain point, and 52% saying they’d rather use the time spent on fixes to build new features. To truly embed quality into their development pipelines, quality engineers need reliable, scalable processes to help everyone resolve issues faster. 

Balancing Immediate and Long-Term Quality Issues

As your team implements a unified test automation platform, you’ll notice that you have significantly more visibility into quality issues of all kinds, including urgent bugs that risk slowing down your development pipeline, performance issues that could eventually impact the user experience, and non-functional issues like accessibility problems. Critical defects that threaten to delay new features will always have the attention of the entire development team, but optimizing the resolution process will make everyone’s life easier - and free up time to focus on addressing emerging quality issues. 

High Priority Bugs Demand Rapid Communication

When it comes to rectifying high-priority bugs, speed and clear communication are critical. The longer a development team spends trying to figure out what tests failed and why they failed, the longer it takes to resolve the issue. Longer term, an inefficient communication process degrades the trust between software testers and developers as developers begin to associate QA with frustration and negative feedback. 

Fortunately, integrated test automations solutions like mabl make it easy to share test results with the relevant people in convenient, data-rich formats. Sharing test results directly in Slack or Microsoft Teams, for example, makes it easy to surface test results to the right people and teams. Quality engineers can filter and fine-tune the information sent to specific channels in order to strike the perfect balance between keeping people in the loop and avoiding notification overload. Even if certain team members don’t have direct access to mabl, they’ll understand their role in building a culture of quality that’s agile and responsive to high-priority defects. 

Emerging Quality Issues Require Shared Workflows

For longer term quality issues that don’t pose an immediate threat to application performance, the user experience, or release schedules, quality engineers need to establish processes that help development teams effectively allocate resources when they become available. The simplest way to do this: build shared workflows in the apps that the rest of the development team already uses every day. Considering that 26% of knowledge workers say that app overload slows them down at work, this single step can dramatically improve how your organization collaborates on quality. 

With that in mind, turning to popular developer tools like Jira ensures that the engineering team has visibility into quality issues. Mabl makes it possible to quickly and accurately share test information into Jira via our native integration. This integration enables quality engineers to display comprehensive test results in Jira tickets with rich diagnostic data for a seamless handoff between quality and development teammates. Developers can even trigger local tests to ensure their fix was effective. By embedding quality workflows into developer workspaces, quality teams can ensure that all issues are visible to developers, even when an immediate fix isn’t necessary. The result is a collaborative, efficient process that minimizes app fatigue and creates accountability for non-urgent quality issues. 

An Integration Per Day Keeps the Bugs Away

Whether you’re racing to resolve a high priority bug before code goes into production, or investigating an emerging issue, information needs to be easily shared across common development tools. Integrating mabl’s automated testing platform with popular work apps like Slack and Microsoft Teams make it easy to quickly share test results with the rest of your team for faster bug resolution. Connecting mabl to collaboration platforms like Jira ensures that shared quality engineering workflows are streamlined for everyone, making it simple to track ongoing issues with rich diagnostic data. Fixing bugs shouldn’t - and frankly, can’t - be a headache in a world of daily releases. Building streamlined, integrated workflows that move across your developers’ favorite tools makes quality possible for DevOps teams. 

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