Across the board, software development teams are most efficient (and happy) when they have a collection of best-of-breed solutions that work seamlessly together. As DevOps continues to take over the way we create and deploy software, teams need simple, but powerful integrations that allow them to stay in their workflow, effectively collaborate and release software faster than ever - without sacrificing quality. This means incorporating automated testing into your entire development workflow, enabling continuous testing for continuous integration and deployment.

When you do not integrate automated testing into your CI/CD pipeline, you cannot reap the full benefits of a DevOps. Wrangling multiple, disparate tools within a DevOps development team can cause complicated toolchains that are difficult to manage and create information silos. This can waste time and reduce velocity through bottlenecks, hand-offs, and re-work. Plus, it increases the risk of high-cost bugs and diminished customer experience.

Improve team collaboration and quality output

At mabl, we are committed to helping teams create a culture of collaboration - and quality. That’s why today, we are excited to announce our newest native CI/CD integration with industry leader, GitLab. Well-known and well-loved in the developer community, GitLab enables development teams to run continuous integration and deployment pipelines as part of their daily development cycle. Our new GitLab pipeline integration makes it easy for you to execute mabl tests as part of your CI/CD pipeline by:

  • Automatically testing builds for visual, functional and performance regressions on every merge request and/or deployment
  • Enabling your CI/CD workflow to automatically make informed decisions based on individual test output – decisions that would otherwise have to be done manually
  • Increase team collaboration and visibility by viewing mabl test results directly in GitLab

A screenshot showing how to increase team collaboration and visibility by viewing mabl test results directly in GitLab.

The value of building powerful continuous testing workflows by integrating mabl into your GitLab CI/CD pipeline is enormous. It enables faster, more efficient pipeline management so your team can focus on what’s important - releasing features, improving your product, customer happiness. It also dramatically reduces the cost of issue resolution by catching bugs earlier in the development lifecycle.

Want to learn more about GitLab and mabl? Check out the overview video here and join our session at this week’s GitLab Commit Virtual conference.