Physicians are critical healthcare providers, but the challenges of managing and planning their work schedules can shift their focus away from where it needs to be: caring for their patients. Friend of mabl PetalMD® tackles this challenge with their leading solutions for physician scheduling, patient booking, on-call management, medical billing and secure messaging that utilizes data to optimize hospital and provider performance. 

Serving healthcare providers demands maximum flexibility and performance, which is why PetalMD relies on cloud technology to ensure their solutions are as dynamic as possible. For Quality Assurance Specialist David Alexandre B., integrating testing early into the development process is an essential component of maintaining quality for PetalMD’s customers. 

Breaking down testing silos with integrated toolsets 

Prior to using mabl, the PetalMD quality team relied on manual testing for the entire product line.It was simply unsustainable as the company grew and adapted to the needs of their customers. Every time a regression was discovered, QA had to write out the process to reproduce it, create the necessary screenshots, and add API responses to tickets manually. The process slowed down the entire quality workflow, making it harder to collaborate with product teams.  

With mabl in place to automate testing, David was able to take advantage of the enhanced native Jira integration when it was introduced to early access. The PetalMD QA team was able to quickly automate the manual process of documenting defects, saving the team valuable time as they worked with the development team to triage issues. The integration ensured that all necessary information to reproduce the defect was included in the Jira ticket automatically. Since the PetalMD team already used Jira Cloud for issue and project tracking, being able to seamlessly integrate into that process ensured that QA and engineering teams were able to collaborate more efficiently and more effectively. 

Innovating with Speed and Quality

Like every organization in the healthcare industry, PetalMD and their customers were upended by the COVID-19 crisis. Many PetalMD users found themselves building the airplane as they flew it, rapidly creating or reinventing communication, schedule planning, and patient engagement to maximize their resources as they responded to the pandemic. 

For David and his team, adjusting to the rapidly evolving needs of PetalMD meant that time was of the essence. Small delays, even routine ones such as jumping between apps, added up across the entire PetalMD product suite, which includes everything from billing software for eleven medical specialties to communication and scheduling tools for entire hospitals. With mabl integrated with Jira, he’s able to seamlessly create Jira tickets using mabl test data, adding visibility and data to defects as both QA and engineering team members work to address them. The quality process is further streamlined by saving the steps necessary to reproduce failed test runs, including HAR files and screenshots. This ensures that everyone has the information and context they need to quickly triage a defect, enabling the PetalMD team to move quickly without sacrificing quality. 

One workflow, one team, better care

There are few industries as critical as healthcare, especially in light of the last year. For PetalMD, there’s no question that their users, whether a hospital administrator, physician, or first responders, need to have the resources and tools they need to focus on caring for their patients. It’s an understatement to say that there’s no room for error. David is particularly excited about his team adopting automated end-to-end testing for the full range of PetalMD application features, which has significantly reduced the time needed for maintenance. Combined with the power of Jira, the entire testing experience is seamless and simple. 

With mabl’s intelligent test automation integrated into Jira, David and the rest of the QA team are able to seamlessly collaborate with each other and the entire engineering team to quickly address software defects. By connecting these two essential tools, the native mabl-Jira integration allows the quality team to create Jira tickets with all of the information provided by mabl tests. Everyone has access to the necessary data to triage bugs as soon as they appear, making it easier for the entire PetalMD to focus on building new solutions for healthcare providers.

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