The past year has been...complicated, to say the least. But the mabl community held strong, uniting over webinars, our first annual Experience event, and even game nights to support each other and build better software.

As we look back over the resources and stories that resonated the most, the critical and rapidly changing role of QA in the enterprise becomes clear. Articles on shifting left, testing throughout DevOps pipelines, the strategic role of quality assurance, and how customers are embracing test automation to improve and launch products, captured the mabl community’s attention and ignited conversations on building with quality first. Let’s take a look back at the top posts from this year:  

1. Testing for DevOps Pipeline: Understanding the Code Stage 

Testing early in the development process reduces the burden of testing later, giving you more time to focus on feature work rather than issue resolution.

2. What to shift left when you’re shifting left 

Shift-left is a popular idea in the software world right now. Read on to see how, when it comes to shifting testing, what type of tests should be going left.

3. Testing for DevOps Pipelines - Deployment Stage Testing 

With a high concentration of testing in the deployment stage, high velocity software teams are automating more than ever to avoid delays in code releases.

4. QA - The New Strategic Role in the Enterprise

Why has customer experience become such a hot topic for companies transferring their services to the digital world?

5. How mabl helped Ritual launch a new men’s vitamin

mabl enabled Ritual's small QA team to do the work of one double its size to successfully launch their Essentials for Men's line of multivitamins. 

6. 3 Tips to help transition from manual to automated testing

Here’s why you should always fully onboard your manual testers when you transition to an automated testing tool. 

7. Behind the Scenes: How mabl Tests with mabl 

Learn how our team takes a holistic approach to quality assurance that includes everyone on the product team, covering every level of the testing pyramid.

8. Six Strategies to Maximize Your End-to-End Testing Impact 

Make QA more impactful with these strategic lessons that have helped many teams get off to the right start in their test automation journey.

9. Putting People First, Wherever They Work 

Our team transitioned to full-remote work this year; it's been challenging but we adapted and always prioritized putting the needs of our people first. 

10. Transforming Testing in Financial Services to Thrive in the Digital Future

Industry leaders from NCR and Arch Insurance discuss the impact of the pandemic and shift-left in the recent QA Financial Digital Forum panel session.

Looking Ahead

The push for quality is driving major transformations in the development process, including shift-left, the adoption of DevOps, and the growth of quality engineering. Looking to 2021, we’re excited to continue these discussions and see what our growing community achieves with intelligent test automation.

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