My experience with mabl has been nothing short of groundbreaking; this innovative testing platform has helped me focus on the more exploratory aspects of my job, while automating the tedious parts. As a Senior QA Engineer at ACS Technologies and guest of the mabl Blog, I’d like to tell you a recent story about how intelligent test automation saved me both time and effort:

Last month, my development team found a complex bug to tackle. In order to fix it, I needed a fast and accurate way to stand up thousands of “Community Groups” in our app, and detail each with a unique Group Type or Classification. The kicker was that I needed it to all be completely fake data. While I could have used JavaScript for this, or even API steps, we were under a significant time crunch and the resources needed for either of those options weren’t readily available, and I was juggling multiple priorities myself.

In addition to easily generating large amounts of fake data, I needed to be able to loop the test and let it run while I focused on other immediate work. For this use case, my team had a bug that required adding pagination to a list that had previously been capped at 100 items. When we added paging, we needed an efficient way to add thousands of items to this list to ensure that the pagination was working correctly.

A gif showing a scrolling list of names.

My app’s page affected under test

There's no way I could have done this efficiently without mabl's recently released Faker.js data generator paired with looping in a flow. This allows users to generate random realistic data through its integration with the faker.JS API. In my case, I looped the flow over 400 times, and was able to accomplish what I needed in just under 2 hours. This combination of looping and generating random data produced an extremely simple, yet powerful, result.

A screenshot of the mabl test steps and flow that were used to fix the issue.

The mabl test steps and flow I used to fix my issue.

The realistic data generator allowed me to have more autonomy for my tests and more confidence in our code under test. Looping parameters to a fixed number, plus creating a variable that gets assigned to a new Community Group name each time, was crucial.

Once again, mabl demonstrated that it was the ultimate solution to getting our code tested quickly for what would have otherwise been a major, time-consuming blocker. This same process without mabl would have taken me days to accomplish, and I would have wasted valuable focus time. Bravo to the mabl team for continuing to deliver new innovation that helps us increase quality and efficiency!

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