Google has long been a part of the mabl story. Co-founders Dan Belcher and Izzy Azeri sold their first startup, Stackdriver (now Google Cloud’s operations suite), to Google in 2014 and GV was an early investor in mabl. Today, we’re excited to share that mabl is now available on the Google Cloud Marketplace for easy adoption of intelligent test automation. 

Easily Customize Your Tech Stack for the Changing Digital World

The Google Cloud Marketplace makes it possible for software organizations to harness the best in enterprise software with greater flexibility than ever before. 

Historically, software development teams had to choose between monolithic toolchains that were largely sourced from a single vendor, or a customized tech stack that incorporated best-of-breed solutions from a variety of vendors. Both approaches have distinct advantages and disadvantages, but initiatives like the Google Cloud Marketplace connect enterprise buyers with elite solutions for a hybrid approach that’s the best of both worlds. 

Users can take advantage of mabl on the Google Cloud Marketplace to build a toolchain that supports the agile, customer-centered future of software development with integrated best-of-breed solutions. 

Elevate Software Testing with mabl + BigQuery

One of the most critical steps to quality engineering is transforming software testing into a fountain of insights that power positive change throughout the software organization. Mabl’s native integration with Google Cloud application BigQuery empowers quality teams to transform testing data into customized reports in Data Studio. When quality engineering teams are empowered to share their work with the rest of the software development team, they’re prepared to engage developers, product managers, and the C-suite in critical quality discussions that strengthen the product. 

The BigQuery integration makes it easier to find test run information, which includes details like test status and the browser on which it was run. Mabl users can find detailed information about plan runs, including application environment, deployment labels, and test run information. This information can be turned into detailed dashboards that make it easier to elevate testing insights across the organization. 

With mabl available on Google Cloud Marketplace, quality teams can start harnessing the  power of mabl + BigQuery faster than ever before for testing-driven transformation that improves the customer experience. 

Discover the Leader in Intelligent Test Automation and Thousands of Other Leading Enterprise Applications

The partnership between mabl and Google Cloud supports software development teams in expanding their software testing capabilities to match the demands of cloud-native, agile development. As software teams look to accelerate product velocity, improve the customer experience, and innovate with confidence, mabl is easier than ever to discover, thanks to the Google Cloud Marketplace. 

To learn more about mabl on Google Cloud Marketplace, visit the listing