mabl co-founders Dan Belcher and Izzy Azeri recently appeared on Cloudbees' DevOps Radio to talk about the use of AI and machine learning in Software Testing. Why do we need AI in software testing? How do we know that AI is a real vehicle to innovation?

The agile and DevOps revolution is here, and we're shipping software fast - too fast for traditional quality teams to keep up. 

Listen to the podcast to hear Dan and Izzy explain the practical use of AI in software testing. They'll explain how AI is making end-to-end tests more intelligent by updating tests automatically as the apps under development evolve, and identifying bugs without human intervention. 

And don't worry - we're not talking about a robot uprising here. At the end of the day, the use of AI in software development is about helping testing teams focus more on expanding test coverage, and development teams focus on writing meaningful code, so that software teams can meet the true potential of continuous delivery.


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