In the age of modern development, shipping quickly and reliably to users is essential to staying competitive. If not done right, being first-to-market but having poor quality means you’re at risk of being overshadowed by a competitor that's closely watching and learning from your mistakes and releasing a more mature product before you can recover. 

That's why baking quality into the delivery pipeline has been such a huge piece of the shift-left movement. But a straggler in this race has been automated functional UI testing. GUI tests are brittle, hard to upkeep, and hard to scale.

Download this whitepaper to see why it's impossible to abandon GUI testing, despite its challenges, and how to make it as easy as possible. We'll focus on GUI testing for web apps, list some of its benefits, and discuss how to work around its flaws.


Download the whitepaper:

A robotic hand pointing to a computer monitor that says Using mabl to ease the pain of automated GUI testing.