Is your team puzzling over how to feel confident releasing to production frequently with continuous delivery? How can testing possibly keep up?

DevOps is a hot buzzword, but many people don’t realize that testing is central to a successful DevOps culture. You’re no doubt hearing lots of new terminology related to DevOps. Concepts such as deploy pipelines may be new to you.

In this webinar, Lisa Crispin will help you learn the language of DevOps and continuous delivery so that you can communicate better with your team. You’ll see examples to better understand continuous delivery and continuous deployment pipelines. Lisa will introduce some tools and techniques that can help your team embrace a DevOps culture, and learn how testers can help build bridges between “Dev”, “Ops” and the business stakeholders. You’ll learn that there IS a “test” in “DevOps” -- what we’re calling DevTestOps.

Learning outcomes:

  • DevOps concepts at a high level, and the differences between
    continuous integration and continuous delivery

  • Common terminology and a generic question list to engage
    with pipelines as a practice within your team

  • Techniques to design and improve a continuous delivery pipeline
    that gives your team confidence to release frequently



Looking for the slides? Grab them here:

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