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If you read our customer success stories, users almost always define mabl in one word: easy. That has a lot to do with mabl’s low-code interface that’s designed to make testing accessible to a wide range of quality contributors from manual testers to developers to customer success teams. But the other side of what makes mabl “easy” is our support resources that allow users to work with our award-winning customer support team as well as learn on their own schedule with our library of self-paced training resources. We’re always updating and expanding these resources to not only help our Friends of mabl make the most of intelligent test automation, but grow their quality engineering strategy to enable faster, higher quality product development. 

That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of mabl University, your new hub for learning everything mabl test automation and quality engineering. 

Quality engineering at your own pace

Mabl University is designed to help you and your team maximize mabl functionalities, starting with how to navigate the app, understanding mabl reports, as well as visual testing and branching. These features help users build their test automation skills and centralize their testing strategy in one place, making it easier to scale quality across the SDLC. Lessons are packaged into 5-10 minute increments, and each section is designed to be digestible and informative so users can get started as quickly as possible. 

Just like mabl itself, mabl University is an adaptable resource designed to build your skills and understanding on your own terms. Aside from the lessons on navigating the mabl app, courses can be taken in any order as you customize your quality engineering strategy.  

getting Started on the mabl Test Automation Platform

The first set of mabl University courses explain the fundamentals of intelligent test automation while helping new users navigate the mabl desktop app. Whether taken as an individual or as a team, these courses give you the skills to develop a more holistic and more effective approach to testing. Lessons include: 

  • Mabl App Introduction
  • Test Results Best Practices
  • Visual Testing
  • Data Driven Testing
  • Reports: Tests, Plans, Workspace

Growing your expertise

As you become comfortable with building and managing automated tests in the mabl platform, the next level of mabl University lessons explore advanced test automation features that enable your team to expand their definition of end-to-end testing, automate new tests, and integrate data-driven testing into your quality engineering practice. Courses include: 

  • Mabl Trainer Introduction
  • Mastering variables
  • Flows
  • Conditionals
  • Looping 
  • PDF testing 
  • Email testing

Scaling quality engineering

Once your core quality team is comfortable creating and managing a testing strategy in mabl, you’ll need a plan to scale quality engineering across the entire software development life cycle. Beyond automated testing and testing strategy skills, these courses enable quality professionals to become quality advisors to the rest of the development team. Topics include: 

  • Coverage Overview
  • Mabl CLI Fundamentals
  • Branching

Learning and growing together

One of the most important parts of mabl’s mission is to grow with the Friends of mabl community as the industry adopts DevOps and evolves to meet rising customer expectations. Mabl University will continue to grow as the mabl low-code test automation platform grows, the team adds more resources, and the quality engineering disciplines plays a more important role in software development. We encourage everyone to explore the self-paced course options and to share their experience with us.