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Today, mabl is proud to announce that our intelligent, low-code test automation platform now includes support for testing Shadow DOM elements. This enhancement enables quality teams to expand test coverage across critical user journeys for an improved customer experience. 

Shadow DOMs, also known as hidden DOM trees, have become increasingly popular as software teams shift away from large, sprawling browser applications in favor of packaged applications using web components. This transition is enabling faster, more iterative development that can quickly adapt to changing customer needs. Shadow DOM support allows quality teams to adapt to this trend. 

Managing Quality for Complex Web Applications

How applications are built is rapidly changing as organizations prioritize dynamic architectures that match the speed of DevOps and changing consumer needs. To adapt, quality assurance teams are adopting quality engineering to enable faster, more confident development. As software testing expands across the DevOps pipeline, quality teams are unifying their approach to quality to ensure that testing is as efficient as possible. This new reality demands a unified software testing strategy that maximizes efficiency and collaboration, including across third-party software and isolated web components. 

Simplifying Salesforce and Third-Party Application Testing

Typically, the complexity of Salesforce applications has made it difficult for quality teams to automate tests for Salesforce dependent user journeys, especially those in the all-important sales process. With mabl Shadow DOM support, mabl users can easily incorporate Salesforce testing into their quality engineering practice. 

Mabl’s Shadow DOM support transforms Shadow DOM testing from a time-intensive, high maintenance process into a simple, intuitive exercise with intelligent, low-code record and playback that searches the entire DOM using a combination of Salesforce-specific selectors to locate elements automatically. As the product evolves - or Salesforce applications are updated - tests incorporating Shadow DOM elements are automatically updated with auto-heal, drastically reducing the amount of time needed to manage automated tests. Since mabl can easily jump between apps, tabs, and windows, a single test can validate the same changes in downstream apps for true end-to-end testing. Shadow DOM support empowers software testing teams to manage quality across deep, complex DOMs like those found in Salesforce apps for better test coverage and ultimately, a better customer experience. 

Empowering Quality Teams with Shadow DOM Support

Mabl’s new Shadow DOM support makes it easy to incorporate Shadow DOM elements into automated tests for a unified approach to quality. With highly scalable, intelligent tests that search the entire DOM and auto-heal, quality teams can adapt to the new world of complex web apps for improved test coverage. 

Shadow DOM support is now available to all customers and those enrolled in a 14 day free trial. Quality teams can harness the power of low-code intelligent test automation to embrace data-driven testing, integrate quality engineering into their DevOps pipelines, and ensure a positive user experience across all aspects of the user journey and manage quality cohesively across isolated web components.