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Test failures are part of the quality engineer’s life. Ideally, failed tests are an opportunity to identify defects before they reach customers, or troubleshoot environment issues before they become major problems. However, some test automation tools fail to account for application state when executing tests, meaning that some test failures are simply caused by automated tests running before the application has reached its actionable state. This type of failure slows down quality engineering teams as they spend valuable time investigating the error, only to realize the issue won’t impact product quality. 

Intelligent Test Automation Supports DevOps Collaboration

Quality engineering expands the traditional role of Quality Assurance into a set of practices that allows software development teams to produce high quality software in faster, more iterative sprints. It includes planning, testing, analysis, and monitoring throughout the DevOps pipeline to ensure a positive user experience during the full customer journey. The foundation of quality engineering is scalable software testing and collaboration across the DevOps pipeline. 

Fully DevOps teams are far more likely to have a culture of quality and smooth handoff processes between engineers and quality teams. But in order to reach this collaborative state, quality engineering teams and software engineers need to be able to trust test results and minimize rote work that doesn’t contribute to product improvements. Intelligent Wait is the newest way mabl helps quality engineers maximize their time by reducing false failures and improving test reliability.

Intelligent Wait: Test Automation That Learns When to Execute Tests

Intelligent Wait reduces test failures by incorporating historical application performance into the timing of actions within tests. During each test run, mabl collects timing data for each step and automatically tailors test execution to match the pace of the application. By mitigating the need to insert manual wait steps or other cumbersome configurations, quality engineering teams can improve test reliability and reduce false positives without any extra work, saving them valuable time and effort. 

Intelligent Wait expands mabl’s AI-powered capabilities by extending mabl’s suite of features designed to help quality engineering teams spend less time managing tests, and more time building new features. Auto-healing reduces the effort needed to maintain tests by automatically updating tests as the product evolves, while Page Coverage uses machine learning to combine similar application URLs to give mabl users useful insights about real application usage. Alongside Intelligent Wait, these features make it possible for software testers to scale testing across the development pipeline, increase test coverage, and accelerate product velocity.

AI-Powered Test Automation for Higher DevOps Performance and Happier Customers

Chief executives, development leaders, and quality engineering teams are quickly realizing the potential of better software testing. Not only is increased test coverage directly correlated with higher customer satisfaction, but continuous testing has a clear impact on an organization’s ability to consistently and confidently ship new features. Intelligent Wait is another way mabl allows everyone, regardless of coding experience, to harness the power of low-code test automation for more reliable testing and less test maintenance. 

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