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With the recent CDC announcement that vaccinated people can safely travel for recreational purposes, millions of Americans are reopening long abandoned travel apps and websites. For the travel industry, the announcement is a welcome relief after months of uncertainty and stay-at-home requirements of the last year. But the heightened pressure of people traveling for the first time in over a year while learning new safety procedures is a double-edged sword for an industry where the user experience is considered a premium. 

Learning New Routes and New User Journeys

The user experience is critical as the travel industry reopens. Customers are navigating rapidly evolving rules, regulations, and safety procedures while managing tightened budgets and a long list of trips that have been delayed. Adding the pressure: flight schedules that are prone to change as airlines ramp up capacity to pre-pandemic levels. 

Streamlining travel planning with ITS

Friend of mabl Internet Travel Solutions (ITS) is a company devoted to the idea of making travel smarter, faster, and easier. Its flagship product, TripEasy, lets users manage an entire trip – flights, hotels, rentals, and more – from the same screen, letting travelers minimize pricing while still enjoying easy and comfortable trips. 

In order to manage a fast-paced business, Samar Khan, the VP of Software Development and DevOps, needed to implement a CI/CD process that would allow the company to rapidly create new builds, test them at an equal pace, fail quickly, and then iterate. This would enable his team to assume a maximum pace of innovation without allowing bugs to creep into production. This ensured that stressed customers would have a seamless experience - even if their plans changed due to new safety requirements or new flight plans. 

Maintaining an evolving UX through streamlined test automation

To achieve this goal, Samar needed a way to incorporate a method of UI automation testing that was easy enough for non-technical team members – QAs, BAs, SMEs and people from the travel industry – to use for increasing automated test coverage. Their testing strategy also needed to adapt across a complex product line, since ITS products are deeply integrated with airline and hotel APIs. With mabl’s centralized low-code testing capabilities, Samar’s team was able to adopt a single solution across their entire team regardless of coding experience, that was also able to test everything from the mobile web experience to API integrations. As a result, they were rapidly able to double their testing coverage and discovered 40 percent fewer bugs during production.

ITS’ ability to quickly innovate without sacrificing quality is essential as the travel industry prepares for a wave of new travelers navigating new procedures and changing flight schedules. 

Supporting customers through the “new normal” with quality engineering

Expectations for the user experience have only heightened over the last year, and the travel industry will be under the microscope as vaccinated Americans resume traveling. Those eager to reconnect with friends and family as well as take long-awaited vacations will have little tolerance for faulty websites or apps. With mabl, ITS has been able to adopt CI/CD and implement quality engineering across their entire product line, streamlining automated testing to include complex tests like mobile and API tests. With the ability to innovate faster and test more consistently, ITS can ensure that travel quickly feels like the new normal.