A little over a year ago, mabl launched mabl University, your hub for building test automation and quality engineering skills. As with all mabl projects, mabl University has been a collaboration between our team and you, our user community. Your feedback and insights are an essential part of our journey to support quality professionals as they expand software testing, adopt quality engineering, and grow in their careers. 

Today, I’m excited to announce the next iteration of mabl University, expanded with your learning needs in mind. 

Lifelong Learning for Quality Engineers

Mabl University is full of engaging, self-directed courses designed to help you and your software testing team maximize your talents with test automation. Newly updated and expanded, the new mabl U offers a rich array of new features to improve your learning experience. 

Multimedia Learning Experiences to Empower Quality Professionals

The mabl team has introduced several new multimedia learning features to support you on your quality engineering journey, including: 

  • Bite-Sized Video Training: mabl University learners asked for more video resources, and we’ve delivered. You can now explore hours of 3-5 minute how-to videos focused on individual platform features and outcomes, complete with learning targets and links to our mabl documentation. These lessons make it easy to incorporate learning into your workday without missing a beat. 
  • Guided Learning Pathways: structured educational journeys are here to help you go from mabl beginner to mabl expert. Learn the quality engineering skills and software testing techniques that will help you master mabl’s test automation platform with chronological resources created by our team. 
  • Interactive Learning Checks: measure your progress with new interactive learning checks that test your knowledge of intelligent test automation. These engaging milestones mark your progress in mabl University and guide learners as you move through different courses and build your software testing skills. 
  • Real-World Lessons From Quality Engineering Teams: Discover how quality leaders from across the globe are improving test coverage, shifting testing to the left, and adopting quality engineering with mabl. Engage with real-world examples that will help you develop your own automated testing strategy. These lessons are packed with both feature-focused and strategy-focused tips for proven quality engineering practices. 

Quality Learning for Quality Professionals on the Job

Like the mabl platform itself, mabl University is a growing entity that represents our commitment to empowering software testers around the world. These new features unlock new ways for quality engineers of all experience levels to expand their mabl knowledge and test automation skills. Whether you’re looking to maximize test automation with mabl, learn from real-world quality leaders, or incorporate more learning opportunities into your work day, mabl University has the resources you need. 

Explore the expanded mabl University and discover the future of quality engineering. All mabl University lessons are free, even if you’re not a current mabl user.