Discovering, tracking, and resolving bugs has been a persistent challenge in software development. No matter how experienced your software testers or how expert your software developers, all sides agree that efficiently managing software defects is a critical component in adopting DevOps. That’s why we’re proud to announce our new native integration with Jira, which allows QA and engineering to collaborate on finding and fixing bugs more effectively, making it an integrated part of the DevOps pipeline. 

Delivering on the promise of DevOps

Quality and development teams have often been siloed which has created friction in how the teams communicate test results and address bugs. This is particularly problematic for DevOps teams, which can ship code as much as four times per day and need to be able to resolve defects quickly. 


According to the mabl 2020 State of DevTestOps survey, even DevOps teams rely on shipping fixes and rolling back software updates as their top strategies for addressing bugs. Both tactics mean that defects are user-facing and could potentially cost the company revenue as customer experience becomes the defining factor in customer loyalty. A majority - 65 percent - of consumers say a positive experience is more influential than advertising, particularly for rapidly digitizing industries like banking and healthcare. To compete in this customer- and digital- centric world, software teams need quality programs that identify and address bugs before they reach users without sacrificing product velocity.  

Harnessing the power of intelligent test automation with Jira

If a test fails in the forest, does it make an impact? While test automation has existed for more than two decades, quality teams are still struggling to be efficient in turning test results into actionable data that’s a trusted resource for both testers and developers. This lack of effective collaboration undercuts any improvements enabled by cloud-based testing since the process for addressing failed tests is flawed. 

The new mabl/Jira integration tackles this challenge by enabling quality teams to work with developers via the tools they already rely on every day. As your team is making the transition to using Jira in the cloud, this native integration delivers a seamless connection for embedding test automation into your DevOps pipeline.

The enhanced Jira integration gives mabl users the ability to:

  • Easily collaborate on finding and fixing software bugs.
  • Improve visibility into issues by displaying detailed test results directly in Jira.
  • Quickly triage reported issues with comprehensive diagnostic data collected by mabl.
  • Re-run existing tests locally to reproduce, debug and fix issues faster.

With these new capabilities, quality teams are able to easily work with developers to track and manage defects, turn test failures into product improvements, and scale quality engineering using cloud-based solutions. 

The new Jira Cloud integration is immediately available to all mabl users and also available in the Atlassian Marketplace. Start a free trial to see for yourself how you can combine the power of automated testing and Jira’s issue tracking in the cloud to deliver high quality applications without slowing down development.